Due South (1997)

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1998 on CTV
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Episode Summary

When a beautiful poker player (Denny Scarpa) is arrested, she cuts a deal with the Feds. Fraser is planted in a high stakes game of cards and Ray must come to his rescue when the poker game gets rough.

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  • Ray and Fraser have to protect pretty poker player Dennis Scarpa from someone who wants to kill her - but is that really the truth?

    There are two things about this episode that I'd like to point out:

    a) Francesca wants to be a cop. This was very cute and the hat thing was truly hilarious. I like Francesca and, given that Elaine became a police agent, too, I think that she would be good at it.

    b) Fraser plays poker. Now that was something that was terrifically funny. How do you teach someone who doesn't lie how to bluff? It must've been a tough night for Ray...

    So, all in all, the episode was good, but it lacked that one thing to be a really good and outstanding episode.moreless
Beau Starr

Beau Starr

Harding Welsh

Camilla Scott

Camilla Scott

Constable Margaret Thatcher

Ramona Milano

Ramona Milano

Francesca Vecchio

Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie

Detective Stanley Raymond Kowalski

Gordon Pinsent

Gordon Pinsent

Sgt. Robert Fraser [ghost]

Tom Melissis

Tom Melissis

Det. Thomas E. Dewey

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Ray Kowalski: OK, let's get down to basics. Poker is a game of money and deception.
      Harding Walsh: Penalties go to the weak, rewards go to the strong.
      Jack Huey: In poker, you're on your own.
      Thomas Dewey: The loser makes himself a loser.
      Ray Kowalski: And the winner makes himself a winner.
      Benton Fraser: I see. And where do the cards fit in to this?
      Ray Kowalski: The cards are incidental. Think about it this way: poker is sheer justice.

    • Ray Kowalski: Fraser, you know what the hell you're doing?
      Benton Fraser: What is it you think I'm doing?
      Ray Kowalski: You tell me. You're the one who's got a shark swimming around in your underwear.

    • Benton Fraser: Dief, she's out of your league. (Diefenbaker whines.) Well, she is!
      Ray Kowalski: What's with Dief?
      Benton Fraser: Well, I'm not sure. Might be love. Then again, it just might be worms.
      Ray Kowalski: What's the diff?

    • Ray Kowalski: You all right?
      Benton Fraser: I'm not sure ... I've hurt ... my back ...
      Ray Kowalski: You know, Fraser ...
      Benton Fraser: Mmm-hmm?
      Ray Kowalski: ... from the second floor ...
      Benton Fraser: Mmm?
      Ray Kowalski: ... there's always the other option...
      Benton Fraser: Which is?
      Ray Kowalski: The stairs.
      Benton Fraser: Oh. Right. I'll remember that.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Stephanie Romanov (Denny Scarpa) dated Callum Keith Rennie after meeting him during the shooting of this episode. She told the story on a Buffy/Angel fan convention, said they were very briefly engaged and that they are still friends.