Due South (1997)

Season 2 Episode 3

The Ladies' Man

Aired Unknown Oct 21, 1998 on CTV

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  • As the execution date for a woman he put on death row approaches, Ray grows unsure whether she is really guilty of her husband's murder.

    This episode told us a lot about Ray Kowalski. It showed us his emotional turmoil over "just having done his job". In my eyes, it's one of the best episode of the entire show.

    Ray Kowalski is by no means a weak man. That's why it was hard to watch him going through all the anguish and hurt he was feeling. Especially at the end, when he breaks down in his car, it was heart-wrenching to watch.

    That scene also showed us once again the friendship between Ray and Fraser - the simple gesture of comforting his friend, the fact that Ray let Fraser accompany him (he could just as well have come alone, done his crying and no one would've known about it) shows how much they really care for each other.