Due South

Season 2 Episode 14

All the Queen's Horses

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1996 on CTV

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  • Fraser and Thatcher are asked to ocomny the RCMP marry go round ride. Buck Frobisure also joins them. Fraser later relises that the film crew are actually hyjackers and the race is on to stop the train from blowing up Chicago

    This episode rocks. It's Paul Gross's first script and it goes from strength to strength. It's fast paced and my all time favourite. Therre are twists in the plot too, that make it so exciting.
    The best bit has to be that kiss on top of the train, where even though Fraser hits his head on a bridge, the two do not break away. The tension and chemistry has been building up between Thatcher and Fraser, finally they do something about it.
    After Fraser has worked out who the film crew are actually, he jumps out of the train to inform Buck Frobisure. Fraser Sr follows (of course). When Fraser gets back, the hyjackers have taken Thatcher and forced hre to wear the Red uniform. The lead man ties Thatcher and Fraser together. After some quick thinking and some uncomfortable actions (emotionly) for our two heros, they escape. Fraser then pursues one of the hyjackers on a roof top. Thatcher hsa an ill timed hit and Fraser falls off the train along with the criminal. Thatcher, mouring, finds Fraser later. After a talk she thinks he thinks of her as cold hearted. The run along the roof top of the moving train where Thatcher stops and says she is not cold hearted. Fraser agrees and then Kisses her!!!!!!!!!! Yeh!!!!!!! that is all I can say. It is a cracking episode and I won't tell you what happens, you will just have to watch it! The special effects are amazing and the ending is just hilarious. I was so glad when Paul Gross (Fraser) worte a sequal ("Red, White and Blue") which follows on where "All the Queens horses" left off!
    This episode is just pure brilliance and a definate 10/10.
  • We actually get to see Royal Canadian MOUNTED Police. Excellent action on a hijacked train with action, adventure, romance, music, terrorists. Really - what more can you ask for?

    Mounties! On a Train! Wonderful mix of action/adventure, whimsy,horses(!), Fraser in a clinch with his boss on top of a train, ghosts, Leslie Nielson - what's not to love about this (except not enough Ray V.). Best part - where the mounties wake up and continue singing right where they left off when they were gassed. Oh, yeah, and Paul Gross SINGS. Sheer delight. As I always say in my reviews, after the episode ends, I exclaim to my dogs, "why did they ever take this show off the air?" (they too are speechless about these production decisions). It's everything that's good about tv that you just don't see anymore. Kudos to Paul Gross for the teleplay, story line, fabulous acting, and just plain looking good in a uniform whether he's crawling under a train, locked to his boss via handcuffs or lips, or on a horse.