Due South

Season 2 Episode 14

All the Queen's Horses

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1996 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • Benton Fraser realises that his father must be a ghost and not a figment of his imagination, as Buck Frobisher can see him as well.

    • In the scene where an unconscious mountie is thrown off the train and lands on the farmhouse dinner table: in real life, every bone in his body would probably have been broken! (submitted by Phillip F.)

  • Quotes

    • Buck Frobisher: What are you doing in my toilet?
      Benton Fraser: I've come to debrief you, sir.
      Buck Frobisher: Something wrong with the door?

    • Margaret Thatcher: What about the fellow with the big ears?
      Randal Bolt: Ross Perot?
      Margaret Thatcher: No. I was talking Mickey Mouse.

    • Benton Fraser: I give up, what is the perfume your wearing?
      Margaret Thatcher: I'm not wearing any.

    • Margaret Thatcher: (Regarding their kiss.) You realize, Fraser, that what happened between us can never repeat itself. Unless of course the exact same circumstances were to repeat themselves.
      Robert Fraser: By "exact same circumstances", sir, do you mean we would have to be aboard a train loaded with unconscious Mounties that had been taken over by terrorists and were heading for a nuclear catastrophe?
      Margaret Thatcher: Exactly.

    • Buck Frobisher: I've found the brake.
      Robert Fraser: What makes you think it's the brake?
      Buck Frobisher: It's written right on it, "brake".
      Robert Fraser: Huh, could be a ruse.
      Buck Frobisher: To what end?
      Robert Fraser: Something criminal.
      Buck Frobisher: Are you insinuating that an entire design crew has deliberately mislabeled the key elements of a train?
      Robert Fraser: It's possible.
      Buck Frobisher: I'm talking to a lunatic.

    • Margaret Thatcher: Why are they staring at me? (Refering to the other Mounties.)
      Benton Fraser: I suspect they're terrified, ma'am.

    • Ray Vecchio: Sir. there's people on that train. Sure, they're Canadian, but they're still people.

    • Margaret Thatcher: What do you propose we do?
      Benton Fraser: I'm going to need to think about it. (Jumps out of the train window.)

  • Notes

    • Music used in this episode included Ride Forever performed by Paul Gross and written by Gross and David Keeley.

  • Allusions

    • Thatcher: No, I was thinking Mickey Mouse.

      This is a reference to the famous Disney character. The RCMP used to have problems controlling their image for products and promotions so they contracted the Disney Company who now control any RCMP related merchandising.

    • Three of the hijackers were named for well-known playwrights: Albee (Edward), Brecht (Bertholt) and Racine (Jean).