Due South

Season 1 Episode 18

An Invitation to Romance

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1995 on CTV
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An Invitation to Romance
Fraser lands in hot water with a suspicious fiance.

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    Joseph Ziegler

    Joseph Ziegler

    Inspector Moffat

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    Timm Zemanek

    Timm Zemanek

    Motel Desk Clerk

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    Arthi Sambasivan

    Arthi Sambasivan


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      • Jasmine: Thank you for holding, merci pour l'attendez ... I'm sorry, I don't speak French. Je ne parle pas français.

      • Inspector Moffat: Image, Constable, that's what we're talking about here. The basis of all diplomatic relations is not who you are but who the other side thinks you are. Now, I've worked very hard creating an image of Canadians we can all be proud of.
        Benton Fraser: Yes, Sir.
        Inspector Moffat: You on the other hand have been doing everything in your power to wreak havoc on that image.
        Benton Fraser: Sir?
        Inspector Moffat: All this do-gooding, Constable! Picking up litter, rescuing kittens, saving people's lives ... what sort of message do you suppose that sends to the Americans?
        Benton Fraser: That we care, Sir?
        Inspector Moffat: Exactly! And people don't fear people who care!
        Benton Fraser: I'm sorry, Sir. I wasn't aware that we want Americans to fear us.
        Inspector Moffat: (after ranting at a tailor) There, did you see that, Fraser? That's another American tailor that fears me.
        Benton Fraser: I could see that, Sir.
        Inspector Moffat: And that's what Canada needs.
        Benton Fraser: To be feared by tailors?
        (After this conversation Fraser offers an old woman to help her cross the street.)
        Benton Fraser: Can I give you a hand across the road, Ma'am?
        Old Woman: Aren't you the kind young man! Where are you from?
        Benton Fraser: Well, Ma'am, I'm from ... (hesitates), I'd rather not say ... .

      • Katherine Burns: Excuse me, I found my fiancé.
        Marriage Clerk: You just told me he wasn't your fiancé.
        Katherine Burns: I was mistaken. I didn't recognise him.
        Marriage Clerk: (To Fraser.) What's your name?
        Katherine Burns: (Before Fraser can answer.) He can't hear you; he's mute.
        Benton Fraser: I believe you mean deaf.
        Katherine Burns: Oh, yes, thank you sweetheart.
        Marriage Clerk: You're marrying a deaf, mute Mountie and you didn't recognise him?
        Benton Fraser: Perhaps I can explain...
        Marriage Clerk: If he's deaf mute, why is he talking?
        Katherine Burns: Now you're criticising the handicapped?

      • (Fraser and Miss Burns are in a garbage truck.) Katherine Burns: My mother wanted me to wear her wedding dress. Of course, always the rebel I had to go out and have my own made. Now look at it.
        Benton Fraser: Well, you know, dry cleaners can do er...absolutely nothing with that.

      • Ray Vecchio:(While dressed as Fraser, to a passing pedestrian.) What are you looking at? You never seen a Canadian before?

      • Ray Vecchio: (To Diefenbaker.) What is the most unglamorous, unromantic place you could possibly take a woman? (A garbage truck drives past and Diefenbaker gives chase.) Oh, come on! A garbage truck? Not even Fraser's that... Hold on Benny! (Ray runs after the truck.)

      • Benton Fraser: Unfortunately, you're out of bullets.
        Ray Vecchio: (Grabs his back up gun.) I lied.
        Benton Fraser: Oh, well then, do you think you can get a clean shot at your rear bumper?
        Ray Vecchio: No! On three, I come up shooting, you throw a head of lettuce or whatever you do, and she runs for the log ride.

      • Benton Fraser: How many bullets do you have left, Ray?
        Ray Vecchio: One. (Fires in the air.) I'm not shooting my car! I blew up the last one for you, I'm not doing it again!

      • Benton Fraser: I thought I was in love once. Later I discovered it was an inner ear imbalance, but at the time we spent the night snowed in on the side of a mountain, watching the Aurora Borealis burn and dance. But when it ended, I discovered that I'd learned two things. The first is that it's easier to think you're in love than to think you're alone and the second is that it's easy to confuse love with high speed particles from the sun bursting in the air.

      • Katherine Burns: I can't believe I'm spending the eve of my wedding riding in a garbage truck with a total stranger I just tried to seduce in order to escape being shot by my fiance. I mean, it doesn't get much worse than that does it?

      • Clerk: You're marrying a deaf, mute Mountie and you didn't recognize him?

      • Benton Fraser: There's nothing more frustrating than playing hide and seek with a deaf wolf.

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • One of the bit parts in this episode is a maid named "Mrs. McGuffin." This is an allusion to a plot device created by Alfred Hitchcock called a "MacGuffin." The MacGuffin in this episode is the invitation.

      • In the final scene where Fraser asks Katherine to dance, it is to the Sleeping Beauty Waltz by Tchiakovsky and as they start everyone else in the room disappears and its just the two of them. This is a reference to the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. It's not the same as dancing on clouds (which is shown in the animated film), but it has the same effect.

      • This episode is similar to the 1957 Gene Kelly film Invitation to the Dance where Gene's character (like Fraser in this episode) spends the majority of his time chasing down an invitation to a party.