Due South

Season 2 Episode 4

Bird in the Hand

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1995 on CTV
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Bird in the Hand
Fraser must see that a federal witness comes safely to trial.

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  • This is where I finally see the Due South I remember best finally start to take shape... all thanks to Turnbull.

    I think what really works best for me in this episode is the addition of Turnbull to the roster. Turnbull serves as the perfect character to really absorb the sillier aspects of Fraser's mountie-ness.

    There's a certain amount of foolishness about being Dudley Dooright that the writers wanted to get across, yet they also want to see Fraser as proper knight in dress-reds. With Turnbull in there, Fraser himself can laugh at how goofy a mountie can seem.

    As far as the rest of the episode goes - it also starts to get rolling on the good character development in peripheral characters, really filling up the episode with great opportunities for banter and emotional investment in heroes and villains.moreless
Stewart Arnott

Stewart Arnott

FBI Agent Borland

Guest Star

Ken Pogue

Ken Pogue


Guest Star

Dick Anthony Williams

Dick Anthony Williams

ATF Agent McFadden

Guest Star

Lee Purcell

Lee Purcell

Louise St. Laurent

Recurring Role

Gordon Pinsent

Gordon Pinsent

Robert Fraser

Recurring Role

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    • Benton Fraser: If Nash wanted him dead, why would he have sent us there?
      Ray Vecchio: Well, maybe he wanted to kill us too.
      Benton Fraser: What possible motive could he have for that?
      Ray Vecchio: Sometimes you are the most annoying man that I know. There's plenty of times I wanna kill you and I am your best friend.

    • Benton Fraser: Don't let anyone go in or out of that door.
      Renfield Turnbull: Including myself?
      Benton Fraser: Especially not yourself.
      Renfield Turnbull: Not in or out.
      Benton Fraser: That is correct.
      Renfield Turnbull: But I'm already out, sir.
      Benton Fraser: Yes.
      Renfield Turnbull: So if I find myself inside, I should just stay there.

    • Ray Vecchio: So, how's your leg?
      Benton Fraser: Fine.
      Ray Vecchio: Is that the same leg that he shot you in last time?
      Benton Fraser: Yes.
      Ray Vecchio: The same leg that he stabbed you in?
      Benton Fraser: Yes, Ray.
      Ray Vecchio: Does your country give you a medal for getting wounded like that?
      Benton Fraser: No, not that I'm aware of.
      Ray Vecchio: Then I think you should have this. (Sticks a note on Fraser's chest.)
      Benton Fraser: "Please shoot the other leg." Well, that's just not amusing, Ray.

    • Ray Vecchio: Hey Benny. Do me a favor. Pin this to your chest.
      Benton Fraser: It says I am mentally deficient.
      Ray Vecchio: Yeah, I just want Nash to know so he doesn't shoot us both dead.

    • Bob Fraser: Grab the lamp and crack his skull. Make it look like a freak lighting accident.
      Benton Fraser: A freak lighting accident?
      Bob Fraser: Sure, happens all the time. Lightning strikes the wire, sends a jolt through the line. Lamp hops up, hits him in the skull, splits it in two, you never had a chance to prevent it, happened so fast.

    • Bob Fraser: The bastard is sitting in there bragging about how he had me killed and all I'm asking is that you do one small thing for me. Shoot him in the stomach and let him bleed to death. Think of it as a son's gift to his father. You did forget my birthday.
      Benton Fraser: You were dead.

    • Ray Vecchio: I don't like this, Fraser. We're gonna knock on that door, and a shotgun blast is going to remove a portion of my body I'm not ready to part with.

    • Benton Fraser: You recorded that conversation?
      Ray Vecchio: Yeah, it's a new policy. Anytime I go anywhere with you, I record everything. Mainly because if I have to go to court, no jury will ever believe the damn things that come out of your mouth.

    • Ray Vecchio: Look, use your head Fraser. If Gerard is supposed to testify against Nash, do you think he's gonna turn him over to us?
      Benton Fraser: Never hurts to ask.
      Ray Vecchio: Oh, that's not true. Sometimes it hurts very much. People tend to shoot bullets at other people for asking questions like this.

    • Renfield Turnbull: Ah. So it's not a secret meeting?
      Benton Fraser: I'm sorry?
      Renfield Turnbull: High level. Inner agency. Off the record.
      Benton Fraser: Not that I'm aware of, no.
      Renfield Turnbull: Ah, good. Of course, if it was you shouldn't even tell me. So perhaps it is secret and you just can't say. If that's the case, I understand.

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