Due South

Season 1 Episode 8

Chicago Holiday (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1994 on CTV
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Chicago Holiday (2)
While trying to protect Christina Nichols from not only the killers after her but also herself, Fraser spends some time in a bondage club, and even gets to have a wild ride down an escalator while he tries to teach Christina the value of growing up.

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  • Brilliant second half of a two-parter!

    I love this episode ... it starts with an action spectacle in a shopping mall where Fraser rescues Christina from certain death. His way of using a sleigh is remarkable.

    Ray and Fraser act together in this second half because Ray finds out that they are actually working on the same problem. Ray is trying to catch the killer who is looking for the list and Fraser tries to protect Christina from the very same man who thinks that she posses the list.

    And the list is still on the loose ... going from one person to the next and no one pays any attention to the scriblings inside the matchstick package.

    "Christina" is really a good asset to the show. I enjoyed her acting. She is a teenager, a rebel, and a very afraid child.

    Overall ... watch both parts it's a great way of "wasting" time. ;)moreless
Stephen Shellen

Stephen Shellen

Eddie Beets

Guest Star

David Rosser

David Rosser


Guest Star

Deborah Rennard

Deborah Rennard

Dr. Esther Pearson

Guest Star

Tony Craig

Tony Craig

Det. Jack Huey

Recurring Role

Kevin Rushton

Kevin Rushton


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Christina Nichols: You don't expect me to go to the ball without an escort, do you?
      Benton Fraser: Well I'd love to, but I think if I showed up with you, your father would have me cashiered.

    • Christina Nichols: You told me to stop running.
      Benton Fraser: Yes, but I was talking about running away from the problems with your father. This is about running away from someone who quite probably will shoot you. That's an entirely different thing.

    • Gerome: Hey, how you doing, young lady? You having a good time?
      Ray Vecchio: Heads up.
      Gerome: Oh no, not him again.

    • Christina Nichols: What were you running away from?
      Benton Fraser: Oh, it was a very tortured scenario. It involved a gold mine, a boomerang and a tank full of gasoline. It's all ancient history, though.

    • Ray Vecchio: I'm talking to you, one human being to another.
      Madame DeFarge: You have a very high opinion of yourself.

    • Bartender: He's right, you know.
      Ray Vecchio: What do you know?
      Bartender: I know that people are people, no matter how much leather they wear.
      Ray Vecchio: Oh please. I'm gonna go throw up someplace.

    • Ray Vecchio: You want to concentrate here, Elaine? Every sketch you do looks like Fraser in drag.

    • Ray Vecchio:All I'm saying is, it makes me look like an idiot. Here I am, looking all over town for Eddie Beets and the whole time you know where he is.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music used in this episode included Que Sera Sera by the Holly Cole Trio from Don't Smoke in Bed, Smile by the Holly Cole Trio from Blame It On My Youth and New World Coming composed by Jack Lenz and performed by Dawn Aitken.


    • In this two-part episode, there are three allusions to the term "McGuffin" (first popularized by Alfred Hitchcock in a 1939 lecture at Columbia University): Mrs. McGuffin (the housekeeper at the hotel); Mr. McGuff (the janitor in the basement); and C.M. Niffug (department store security in part 2). The "McGuffin" itself in the episode is the matchbook.