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Due South

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1994 on CTV
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Episode Summary

When Buck Frobisher (an old friend of Fraser's father) goes missing a week before his retirement, his daughter Julie asks Fraser to find her father before something happens to him.

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  • Leslie Nielson on the run ...

    Leslie Nielson is famous for being one of the big guns when it comes to slapstick in the 80s and 90s - he even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But in this episode he is not our regular funny man - he is a man on the run.

    The story:

    A killer (Harold Geiger played by William Smith) escaped a high security prison in Canada and the only goal he has is Sergeant Buck Frobisher (played by Leslie Nielson). Sergeant Duncan (Buck) Frobisher was a legendary mountie and once Frasier's father best friend. After being phoned by Geiger he went missing. His daughter Julie travels to Chicago and asks Frasier for help. Frasier finds him but to his disappointment Buck only tries to hide - Frasier changes Buck's attitude again and they go on a manhunt of their own.

    Overall a very watchable episode!moreless
Donald Fleckser

Donald Fleckser


Guest Star

Cali Timmins

Cali Timmins

Julie Frobisher

Guest Star

William Smith (I)

William Smith (I)

Harold Geiger

Guest Star

Tony Craig

Tony Craig

Det. Jack Huey

Recurring Role

Kevin Rushton

Kevin Rushton

Man [grabs Ray]

Recurring Role

Gordon Pinsent

Gordon Pinsent

Robert Fraser

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • Ray Vecchio: Do you have any idea what's in this water?
      Benton Fraser: I would suspect a high percentage of ammonia, phosphorus, and cyanide.
      Ray Vecchio: Wrong! Rats, rats this big, and you know what they're doing? They're laughing at us. I'm in a canoe with two wounded Mounties and I'm being humiliated by rats.

    • Ray Vecchio: How's it going?
      Benton Fraser: They tried to cut off my boots. Right up the side. I wouldn't let them.
      Ray Vecchio: I don't blame you. Lose a leg, sure, but a good pair of boots isn't easy to replace.

    • Benton Fraser: You see, it's usually at this point that they'll start shooting. So if I might suggest we take cover behind that small wall over there…

    • Julie Frobisher: You haven't changed a bit. You're just like my father. You can track a man 500 miles over sheer ice, but put you within arms length of a woman and you're lost.

    • Buck Frobisher: I'm Buck Frobisher you little pissant. I've taken down more men than you've ever met. The day I take help from a boy like you is the day I put this (shakes gun) to my own head.

    • (After Ray has just received a call from a woman reporting her cat stolen.)
      Benton Fraser: I need your help, Ray.
      Ray Vecchio: Does it involve domestic animals?
      Benton Fraser: Not that I'm aware of.
      Ray Vecchio: Then I'm your man.

    • Benton Fraser: Now I think I'll open the floor to questions.
      School Child: Do you have to undo all your buttons to go to the toilet?
      Benton Fraser: No, anyone else?
      School Child: How many do you have to unbutton?
      Benton Fraser: Just enough to get your trousers undone. Yes?
      School Child: Do they have toilets in Canada?
      Benton Fraser: Yes, we do. Anyone else? Anyone else at all?

    • Benton Fraser: Since their formation, our two countries have found a peaceful way to coexist. Except for the war of 1812 where your country invaded ours and we sent you packing, but that's hardly worth mentioning.

    • Benton Fraser: You ran away, but you brought your dress uniform with you?
      Buck Frobisher: No, I rented it. If we don't catch him by Tuesday I have to pay extra.

    • Buck Frobisher: You track a man about as quietly as I pass wind.

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