Due South

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1995 on CTV
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A plane crash blinds Fraser and strands the pair in the wilderness.

Fraser and Ray's vacation to Canada to rebuild his father's cabin doesn't go as planned when it turns out the pilot of their airplane is actually an escaped felon. The felon jumps out of the plane, causing it to crash. Fraser is blinded in the crash, and eventually loses the use of his legs. Ray tries to carry Fraser out of the woods, and the two cops still have to catch the felon, while dealing with the ghosts of their two fathers.moreless

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  • In the follow-up to "Letting Go," Ray and Fraser head to Canada to re-build Fraser's father's cabin. Of course, things don't go quite as planned...

    This could be possibly my favorite episode of the whole series. It has everything that made the show popular to begin with. Great dialogue. Action. The buddy-buddy relationship between Vecchio and Fraser. And the bickering between them that amuses us.

    Fraser and Ray's plane is hijacked on their way to the Northwest Territory and they crash in the woods. Fraser recieves a head-wound in the accident and is left temporarily blinded. And very soon, he begins to act very strange. He becomes more determined than usual to bring the hijacker to justice, despite the fact that they have no weapons, little water and that he very soon loses the ability to walk, forcing Ray to carry him slung over his shoulder.

    The best part of the episode are when Ray is trying to build a fire, and Fraser keeps calling him "Steve." Ray's father's ghost shows up (and Fraser's too, of course) and each ghost tries to convince their son that they should abandon the other and save themselves...despite the fact that Fraser can't see or walk, and that Ray is still reeling in guilt for shooting his partner just two episodes previous.

    This is the episode that really solidifies the two men's relationship for me. Both made mistakes in the two part "Victoria's Secret" episodes, and although they really don't talk about what has just happened, we know when we see Ray carrying Benny through the woods while they both sing the Mamas and the Papas that they're going to be okay.moreless
  • The synopsis: Ray and Benton stuck in the woods after a plane crash.

    This episode is full of heart. It proves the bond between Ray and Fraser and how they do not give up on each other: especially when Ray does not abandon Fraser. It shows Fraser pushing forward even after he is badly injured. He still puts his duty first and of course, shows his smarts while at it. The thing that REALLY got me though was the sequence when Ray had to carry Fraser over his shoulder, and then they started singing "California Dreamin'" by the Mamas and the Papas. It was hilarious, and every time I need to get cheered up, I remind myself of that scene and I laugh. Also, Fraser's opera sequence right after that was very funny as well.

    Just excellent.moreless
Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson


Guest Star

David Calderisi

David Calderisi

Vecchio, Sr. [ghost]

Guest Star

Brian Smegel

Brian Smegel


Guest Star

Ramona Milano

Ramona Milano

Francesca Vecchio

Recurring Role

Kevin Rushton

Kevin Rushton


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Benton Fraser: Listen! A search plane! Someone's in trouble!
      Ray Vecchio: Yeah! Us!

    • (Diefenbaker is howling at the moon.)
      Ray Vecchio: Very funny! What, do you think you're a wolf or something?

    • Benton Fraser: Being lost is usually accompanied by a feeling of panic, Ray.
      Ray Vecchio: Are you saying I'm panicking?
      Benton Fraser: No, on the contrary. You see, Ray, people who are lost panic and then they walk aimlessly in the woods. Very often they walk in circles until eventually they die, either from starvation or from lack of water. Now, we by comparison we've remained calm and you see Ray, this is he secret to survival in the woods, remaining ... (sniffs) Ray, I smell something. I smell fuel, burned plastic, metal ... what is it?
      Ray Vecchio: It's a plane crash.
      Benton Fraser: Oh, my God, Ray! Another plane crash! What are the odds?
      Ray Vecchio: It's our plane crash, you moron, we've been going in circles the whole time.

    • Ray Vecchio: How far do you think you'll get with that gash on your head?
      Benton Fraser: Oh, Ray ... head wounds always look worse than they actually are. (shows his compass to Ray) Can you give me a reading, please?
      Ray Vecchio: Oh, it's your compass, you read it.
      Benton Fraser: I can't.
      Ray Vecchio: Oh, neither can I.
      Benton Fraser: You have to, Ray.
      Ray Vecchio: Why?
      Benton Fraser: I'm blind.
      Ray Vecchio: You're blind?
      Benton Fraser: Apparently.
      Ray Vecchio: You're really, really blind?
      Benton Fraser: As a bat.
      Ray Vecchio: Why didn't you say something?
      Benton Fraser: No point making a bad situation worse.

    • Ray Vecchio: We've gotta get him to turn around this plane right away.
      Benton Fraser: You're right. On the other hand ... there could be a struggle. He might refuse to cooperate, in which case we have to fly the plane ourselves. This might be possible with some assistance from air traffic control and i did read a flight training manual in my grandmother's library. There were a couple of pages missing but I'm sure nothing vital and I'm guessing that there are a lot of similarities between a Sopwith Camel (a famous British WWI fighter aircraft) and today's light aircraft.

    • Ray Vecchio: You're in charge of being blind and I'm in charge of seeing.

    • Robert Fraser: When I first joined the Mounted Police, all the equipment we got was a paper bag and a pointed stick. We used the bag to boil tea and the stick was for killing game and if you lost either of them, they charged you for it.
      Benton Fraser: Are you ill?

    • Ray Vecchio: Forget about the perp shooting at us, he'll be laughing to hard to aim.

    • Ray Vecchio: What the hell is so funny?
      Benton Fraser: I seem to have lost the use of my legs.

    • Ray: We're lost, aren't we.
      Fraser: No. We just don't know where we are.

    • Benton Fraser: On a brighter note, 18% of crash survivors walk away with three out of four limbs.

    • Ray Vecchio: I ever catch that guy in Chicago, he's going to wish he never wore plaid.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Benton Fraser: Freude schoner Gotterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium. Deine Zauber binden wieder ....

      Fraser is singing Friedrich von Schiller's "Ode an die Freude" (Ode to Joy) in the original German, as set to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. The poem was written in 1785; Beethoven's symphony premiered in 1824.

      Fraser actually skips a section of the verse during his rendition.

    • Benton Fraser: You know, Ray, Sam Steele patrolled the Northwest Territories his entire career without ever firing his weapon -- it was a point of honor with him. Rumor has it he was buried with the weapon, unfired.

      Sam Benfield Steele was born in Ontario on January 5, 1849. He joined the RCMP (at that time, the North West Mounted Police) in 1873 as a Troop Sergeant Major (due to his prior service in the Canadian Militia). He died in London, England, in 1919.

      He did not spend his entire career in the Northwest Territories, however; he also spent time in Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon. During the Second Boer War, he commanded a light cavalry unit in South Africa.

    • Benton Fraser: "There are strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who --"
      Ray Vecchio: "Toil for gold." Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard that one. And then they shot that Sam McGee guy. I told you, I went camping before.

      Fraser is quoting the opening line of the Robert Service poem "The Cremation of Sam McGee." The poem appeared in Service's first book of poetry, The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses, in 1907.