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  • Due South

    I watched this show when it first aired in the UK, and I also watched the re-runs. I loved it. Fraser and Diefenbaker were both cute. It was so funny, I can't understand why they took it off! If they show it again, I'll watch it! :)
  • Haven't seen anything to match it

    I watched the the show in Goa. From the first time I watched it I tried to watch all the episodes I could. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to watch it after the 1st season. Recently I got hold of the show, and I watched it from the 1st episode to the end, I have to say there really isn't any show like this.

    After watching Due South, and the current crop of shows, I have to say that it was something different, entertaining. Its a pity the show was cancelled. The combination of Fraser and Ray was something unique. Like one of the guys said, the Americans were too shallow to appreciate the show.
  • My all-time favorite tv show.

    Due South was very clever, entertaining, educational, and edifying. It was one show the whole family could watch and enjoy. Children should even be encouraged to watch it; the main character, a Canadian Constable living in Chicago (don't ask), is an excellent role model. Constable Fraser and his American buddy, Detective Veccio, were masterfully portrayed by Paul Gross and David Marciano, respectively. The supporting cast were likewise excellent, and occasionally actors who made guest appearances went on to stellar careers. Even though there was quite a lot of fast-paced action, there never seemed to be any shocking violence; Constable Fraser was too vigilant to allow the scenario to degenerate to that. He treats everyone with respect, whether they be his quarry, his derelict neighbors, high-ranking officials, or innocent bystanders. He manages to bring out the best in his American partner, who down deep is a good person but who has been hardened by late-20th-century cynicism.
    The only thing wrong with Due South was that most Americans were too stupid or shallow to appreciate it (and as an American, I can say that).
    Fortunately, the show is available on DVD.
  • They don't make shows like this anymore. Simple, funny, effective, beautiful score.

    The new bread of shows are amazing, never have we seen what is basically film effects week in and week out. But they simply don't make shows like this anymore. Due South has a charm about it. I've tried to put my finger on it before but misplaced it. I used to think it was 'innocent' until someone pointed out to me it really is quite brutal. I dunno. It's just the perfect mix of humour and drama. The comedy in some episdoes is absoultely brilliant and in others the action.

    If you were to live your life by any character it would be Benton Frasier, unlike Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne, Clark Kent or who ever Fraiser is actually beliveable and principled to the extreme.

    I know many people did not like the change of lineup in the 3rd series. This was necessary because the show was canned and David Marciano signed on for another show. I thought they handled it really well. I can still remember watching it for the first time and just thinking "what the hell" the whole episode. It was brilliant. The new Frasier I liked alot so I'm glad for the change of lineup.

    Everyone I ever speak to about the show knows of it. It usually goes something like

    "you ever watch Due South?"
    "you know, the show with the mounty and the dog"
    "OH YEAH! I loved that"

    So basically if you haven't seen it, get it on DVD it's out or watch reruns wherever it is. ITV4 currently in the UK. I'm absoultely bent against the license fee in the UK we have to pay for BBC television but at least some of that money went to saving this great show for 2 more seasons.

    In the efforts of full disclosure though I have to say three eps stick in my mind that absoultely sucked. I hated Victoria's Secret (1) and (2) which most Due South fans adore. But I mostly dislike it when shows go away from their bread and butter and explore too much into the characters life.

    Anyway watch it!
  • Good mix of humour, drama and friendship, but above all lots of fun to watch. A fantastic feel-good show. I really recommend it.

    Since I rediscovered this show (being too young to really remember much about it from the original airings) it has become one of my favourites. It's definitely something to watch when you are feeling a little low. Yes it's cheesy, yes it's unbelievable, but it knows this and flaunts it. It's quirky charm will win you over.

    Overly-polite Constable Benton Fraser, the archetypal Mountie, comes to Chicago on the trail of his father's killer. His deaf (although at times this is questionable), lip-reading half-wolf, Diefenbaker, is in tow. Fraser has an unwaveringly positive outlook and trust in human nature which on the surface seems somewhat naïve and yet in many situations appears to work for him. Whilst in Chicago he teams up with streetwise cop, Ray Veccchio and they develop a strong working partnership and a firm friendship which forms the foundations of the show. Eventually the ghost of Fraser Sr. will turn up to offer no end of questionable advice and to pester his son incessantly.

    It is a premise which could so easily be terrible but it really does work. I do feel that the show lost something after the second season, not so much with the new Ray, Stanley Raymond Kowalski, but the tone of the show shifted more towards the OTT comedic. It is definitely still good viewing with some things the early series lacked, but the quality dropped in my opinion. That said, the first two series were thoroughly enjoyable, mainly due to the relationship between Fraser and Ray and the drama and comedy in a perfect blend. Some episodes focused mainly on comedy; those penned by Paul Gross (who plays Fraser) spring immediately to mind and a trainload of unconscious Mounties simultaneously waking from unconsciousness and bursting into song has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Other episodes are surprisingly serious in tone, such as the 'Victoria's Secret' two-parter with a shocking ending which I won't spoil for anyone who may not have seen it. The vast majority of episodes however contain a wonderful mixture of the two.

    So if you have never seen this show before I heartily recommend it and if you have seen it, then re-watch, and fall in love with Fraser all over again.
  • I truly loved this series.

    A cop show, yes, but there the similarities ended. It was in turn hilarious, touching, dramatic, and quirky...and it came together in one sweet ride!
    Paul Gross is mega-talented and he can simply walk into a room better than most of us mere mortals!
    Created by Paul Haggis before the creative world truly knew his genius, his presence ensured the show would be genius as well.
    Paul Gross' and David Marciano's characters played off each other brilliantly, and the recurring roles by Gordon Pinsent as Fraser's dead father, and Leslie Nielsen as dead father's best friend, were to die for. Forgive the pun!
    There aren't too many shows I can think of that I would watch if they came back, but this one is worth a M.o.t.W. at least...surely??!!
  • The best show, Paul Gross is unbelievable.

    I love Paul Gross as 'the Mounty', which my family and I call him now. This show is a shear classic, Benton Fraser is lovable, questionable(about his sanity)and truly a great and original character. The writers created a chemistry that is hard to repeat between Fraser and both of the Ray's. On the topic of Ray, I didn't think I would like the third and fourth season of Due South because they changed Ray. When I saw the episodes, I immediately fell in love with him. He was a very good replacement. I wish they would do one more TV movie of Due South, I miss it, but I will have to make due with Paul Gross' Paschendale.
  • Pure cheese, but I love it.

    Feel good - yes
    Cheese - yes
    Cute wolf - yes
    Cute Mounty - Definatly yes
    Nice friendship between Ray and Brenton - yes
    Ok so it fills all my requirments. I love this show, I have since I was a child and I think I always will, that was proven to me when my sister bought the boxset and it turns out it is just as good now as when I was younger. I know it is totally unbelievable, but it holds to that charm and belief that there is a nice good looking guy out there who will always choose to do what is right, and will always have faith in people - the fact that he has an ace friend in Ray and the cutest deaf wolf ever just add to the charm, and I find myself asking what is so wrong about trusting in that belief every once in a while? Plus this show has a kick ass theme song which is a bonus. Just the perfect pick me up after a stress filled day.
  • I love Due South, it is certainly something that i have enjoyed watching. In Fraser's words "thank you kindly" for something so fun to watch!

    I started to watch this show a few years ago and it became a slight addiction, I find it difficult to believe that it was taken off the air, especially because of low ratings but every show must end at some point and obviously some people were mad enough not to enjoy it like I did. My opinion has slightly changed of it although I still see it as an overall personal favourite, even though I had previously wanted it to be brought back to our television screens.

    In Fraser's words "thank you kindly" for something so fun to watch!
  • Thank you kindly.

    Sometimes a show can be too quirky, too cute, for its own good. "Due South" certainly had the potential for that on paper (a Mountie and his wolf come to Chicago, where he partners with a Chicago cop and gets advice from the ghost of his father), but fortunately it doesn't succumb. Throughout its all-too brief run on CBS, "Due South" was a friendly, entertaining series and one that still holds up today.

    So is "Due South" a cop show? I think it's fair to say that it is a buddy-cop show, but it's also a family drama and a comedy. It isn't easy to peg down, and even within those genres there are variations on themes. For a "cop show," it's usually non-violent, but that doesn't mean the stories aren't engaging. Indeed, two of the minds behind the show and several scripts are Academy Award winner Paul Haggis ("Crash," "Million Dollar Baby") and David Shore (creator of "House"). The result? "Due South" is a genuinely funny, exciting series...something that is a rarity in today's procedural-driven lineup.

    Paul Gross is Constable Benton Fraser, as close to Dudley Do-Right as the real world is likely to see. Helping him navigate the streets of Chicago is Ray Vecchio (David Marciano), a streetwise, smart a** cop whose reputation in the precinct is not necessarily helped by his new partner. Together, they work cases of murders, car thefts, robberies, gang tensions, terrorists, going undercover in a prison, and posing in drag at an all-girls' school.

    To be fair, I have not seen Seasons 3 and 4 (or "Due South 2") when David Marciano was replaced by a new actor as a "new" Ray. I can't imagine these episodes are as good, since Gross and Marciano had such good chemistry together, and since Ray and his family/relationship struggles were always a part of the show. I would like to check them out at some point to see how they stack up next to the original run.
  • This show could so easily be terrible, but is has such heart. It will win you over with it's sincerity.

    I love Due South. It is one of my comfort shows, and is as good as chicken noodle soup when I'm in a bad mood, or even in a good one.

    Due South is playful, and whatever can be said about the production values, you love it because the fun they had making it is infectious. Due South has more heart than any show I have ever watched, an in between the hilarious and the heartbreaking, Due South tells a fascinating urban legend. Frasier's tall tale, legend status is balanced nicely by the down to earth, purely urban energy or both the Rays.

    And the Rays, they deserve a book, but since I'm not that prolific a writer a paragraph will have to do. Ray V is slick and sweet, and there's something homey about his, let's say average, looks. Ray K is slick and sweet as well, but also has a vulnerability that shines through him like his hair under the Aqua-Net.

    I honestly don't think there is a paragraph big enough to encompass my love for Fraser, Stetson and everything. Frasier is dopey, but with a subtle sharpness that hides itself well. Frasier has all the appearances of a fully functioning, and happy man, but the show makes no bones about playing up his sheer loneliness. For all his affections, and affectations, Frasier is a frightened, lost Canadian lamb in the big, terrifying forest of urban Chicago. But Frasier finds his place, if not himself, and that is worth the journey.
  • Odd and exciting, funny and serious, with interesting characters and well chosen actors.

    Really interesting TV show that shows us extraordinary officer from Canada (hi is extraordinary even for Canadians), that is searching for murderer of his father. He goes to Chicago and investigates the case, while helping other people. The story is exciting, actors are chosen brilliantly and the composition is made terrific! The character of Benton Fraser is preformed super, he has great manners, education, scent, vision, etc. it looks like he is thinking all the time - what is right and what is wrong. Still he accepts some wrong things, to do right... And Ray Vecchio, personage, that is different from Benton. He absorbs the good qualities of Benton, yet staying stubborn, showing that he is tough. How can anyone forget Diefenbaker? Def wolf, loyal friend of Benton, also a personality. That can be seen, when Benton talks to Dief, he does it like Diefenbaker is a human. Also Diefenbaker decides allot on his own. Actually all the characters are making a great composition together and the script is marvelous. All together it is terrific.
  • Not bad, not bad...

    In my opinion this is probably the best TV show ever made, which explains why it didn't last that long. Originality is the key even though it sits within the much copied police genre. A mountie, on the trail of his fathers killer, winds up in Chicago where he befriends a streetwise detective and together they solve the crimes, both big and small, of the Windy City. It's the fact that humour and characterisation take first place over gritty realism (Overrated to be honest) that separates it from, well, every other cop show ever made. Benton Fraser is undeniably one of the greatest characters ever to grace the small screen and his relationship with Ray Vecchio is both touching and humourous. I admit that the dramatic episodes, such as 'Victoria's Secret' and the magnificent 'Juliet is Bleeding' overwhelm the other, lighter, episodes but that is simply because they are so brilliantly written. When Ray and Fraser are sat in the hospital at the end of 'Juliet' and Ray speaks out about his childhood romance with the deceased Irene (Incidentally played by 'The Matrix's' Carrie Anne Moss) you can honestly feel his pain and the expression on Frasers face says more than any amount of comforting words could. It's little scenes like that which show up the show as truly great and worthy of more than three seasons. My favourite scene however, is at the end of 'The Deal' when, after Fraser is badly beaten by the local Mafia boss, Ray takes revenge on his age old nemesis by humiliating him in front of his subordinates, even though he knows that that action might cost him his life. The bonds of friendship between the two have always been shown to be tighter than steel, that's why the show was so great.The acting too was always top notch and if life is even remotely fair both Gross and Marciano should have no problem finding other work. I love this show and it always made me feel good inside. Even though it's gone I'll always have a special place in my heart for it's warmth and humour. It will be sorely missed.
  • Brilliant show and should be brought back!!

    Due South is one of my all time favourite shows!
    I was 11 the first time I saw it and I loved it straight away.
    It had everything you could want in a show like that:- drama,
    comedy and even romance all in a nice mixture.
    The fact that Fraser didn't notice the women falling all over him
    made me laugh every time.
    I don't think there is anyone in the world that is as polite and kind as Fraser!
    The differences between him and Ray Vecchio could not have been bigger yet they formed a friendship that lasted.
    I think it also had a good message for people:- it doesn't take alot to be nice and polite to someone and we should all try it sometime.
    Overall it was a great show and one that I would love to see come
    back for more series,just to see how the characters are all getting on.

  • Great show! One of my personal favourites!

    I watched Due South when I was in high school and for it to have me at home for that night every week really says somthing for the show. i bought the first season on ebay the other day and am eagarly awaiting it to arrive... I can't wait! The subtle laughs in the show really make it a pleasure and a little different from most shows that aired through the 90's. This one has always been in my favourite shows lists! Come on Ebay Hurry Up! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Bring back the mountie!

    This is one of my favorite shows of all time. I couldnt believe it when they desided to pull the plug on it after 3 seasons! I mean, come on! what where they thinking! And I hated the way it ended too! Other than that, I Loved every episode, each one had a good story, and great action. Also, watching Paul gross run around in that yummy mountie uniform was a bonus every week.. mmm hubba hubba, god he was gorgeous! lol

    And good ol' dief, soooo cute, and thanks to Due south, I now own my very own husky (not deaf nor wolf, haha.. but close) a pure white one.. and a red and white too, (once you get one, you need another, there fantastic dogs!)

    All I can say, is it was a mistake taking this show off the air so quickly! Glad I can now watch re-runs, without them, I dont know what Id do! :)
  • One of the best tv shows ever made.

    Due South is one of the best series of all time. Everything in the first two seasons was done very very well. From the American/Canadian jokes to the chemistry between all the actors.

    The writers did a fantastic job of keeping the episodes fresh and they just got better and better as they went along. The actors all did a very good job with their characters and that includes the dogs that played Diefenbaker. I just can't say enough about this show, once you watch it, you'll want to watch it over and over again for years to come.

    Overall if you haven't seen this show then you don't know what you're missing. It is one of the best out there and deserves at least one watch through by anybody looking to watch a great show.
  • I adore Due South and am very happy to be getting the chance to see it again.

    A wonderful piece of TV production. A police series with some comedic touches. Wonderful acting, script, camera work, music, photography. Whenever there is an episode on TV I can never stop watching it. It doesn't contain much if any "in your face" vulgarity or swearing, but still remains not only authentic but realistic in its own way. It has action, comedy, romance at times, and is a buddy series at the same time. I can't say it enough, it is a wonderful production that you just have to see for yourself. Don't take it too seriously, but don't worry, it is not silly or anything. Watch it!

    The plot is about a Canadian police officer that for personal and police business takes a transfer to Chicago (with his lovely white wolf, yes, wolf). There he meets and becomes friend of a local police officer. The three of them (with less focus on the wolf), have a variety of encounters that you would expect, and some that you wouldn't. Not every episode is full of gun shooting action, but all of them, in their own way, have you glued on your seat waiting to find out how exactly things will proceed.
  • This is a story about a Canadian Montie sent to Chicago to represent Canada. He is a loyal, honest, respectful, honorable guy, with good moral standings. This makes for a great decent show. There's not many of those around anymore.

    One of the best cop shows out there, if not the best. They should bring it back. I understand Paul Gross doesn't want to act in it if it is brought back anymore, but they can get new actors. I bet the show would even be better now if it were brought back, with all the new tech stuff.
  • Benton Fraser first came to Chicago on the trail of his father's killers, and for reasons that we enjoyed exploring each week, remained, attached as a liason with the Canadian Consulate.

    Due South was the ultimate in buddy cop shows. The episodes depicted real emotion and heart, while the stories contained almost supernatural, fairy tale-like themes. The characters were appealing and entertaining, and their humanity always shone through. The story of the displaced hero is common in literature and film, but he never encountered (and caused) wacky hijinks the way Benton Fraser did-- or was so unfailingly polite about it. At turns funny and heartwarming, this wonderful show left a lasting impression. Due South came to an end all too soon, but it will live on the hearts of its fans.
  • Brilliant show but very underappreciated!

    I have been watching this show since I was about 5 years old and I am still so frustrated why I am the only one out of all my friends to have heard of it!!!! I mean, its not every day that you find a show about a mountie and his wolf in Chicago who can see his dead father!!! It should be acknowledged by more people and should be shown on more accessable tv channels so more people can watch it!!

    Paul Gross and David Marciano have such great chemistry on screen and have the rare ability of making even the most serious moments funny! Whether its with wit or actions they are always hilarious!!

    I only hope that it will get more recognition for the brilliance of the show.
  • A Mountie who first came to Chicago on the trail of the killers of his father...

    Due South is a very funny, engaging show about the life of a Mountie, Benton Fraser, being displaced to the Canadian consulate in inner city Chicago. He is befriended by a Chicago police officer, Ray, and together they solve crimes. Humor can always be found when the hard nosed cop has to adjust to the ways of an excessively polite Canadian and when Fraser, an avid outdoorsman from the far north, must learn the ways of city life. Add a deaf wolf into the mix and chaos ensues in even the most ordinary errands, like a trip to the bank. Overall, Due South provides good clean fun for the whole family.
  • one of the best shows ever!

    i really enjoyed watching "due south" even though it's been some time since.

    this show has it all! it is incredibly funny at times, having a very eccentric humour and then again, there's a lot of depth and social issues added to it and at times it can be very sad as well (like in "victoria's secret" for instance).

    constable benton fraser is one of my all-time favourite when it comes to show-characters. what strikes me most about him is the way he's (almost) always believing in the good in people and that his trust is lived up to very often even it has seemed very unlikely before. i recall a scene where he lends some money away to a guy who tells him, that his child is ill (i might be mistaken with some details). vecchio considers him to a complete jerk for having done so and tells him that he will never get his money back but in the end fraser was right about the guy.

    the music is great, i just love how fraser is talking with his father, francesca chasing after him, maggie thatcher trying to hide her feelings, frasers naivity that still works on big city people ...

    wow! i only just realised how desperately i want to see this show broadcasted again!
  • If nothing else is on air this could be the right choice. It isn't an excellent show but a fairly good one.

    I discovered Due South recently, thanks to a friend of mine who is a major fan of the show. Maybe I didn't like the show so much just because som much time has passed since the show was on air, I don't know. I mean the show is good but that's it, nothing more than a decent show. I think this is mainly because I don't like Fraser character, since he's the "100% good" kind of person, an ideal "angel" if you wish, just like Ray Vecchio mirrors the 90's cop stereotype. The flatness of this two characters impairs the show that, otherwise, had some potential to express. The pros about this show are the deaf-dog character and the good music we often listen to, during some chasings.
  • I love it

    This is about the only cop show I Like.. and it is because the cop is not like your normal protrayal.. he is good just and genuine.. plus he has one great wolf as a pet.. I wish it was still on at least in reruns.. and Paul Gross is one real hottie, I hope to see him again.. in Due South but if not there somewhere
  • OMG! I think I'm in love! lol. I love this show and how can you not feel for Frasier. He's amazing!

    This show has everything you could ever need from a program in it. Hunour, drama and action! Oh and a lesson on morals from Benton Frasier, the mountie who couldn't hurt a fly if his life depended on it. Don't get me wrong though, if you're a criminal he will take you down, hard.

    You can't help but love this show. The friendship between Ray and Benton is brilliant. Frasiers strange little quirks are funny and yet add another depth to the character, a kind of brilliance. I mean he can tell one breed of dog from the other - by the scent of its urine!

    Benton's principals are inspiring. He has simple values and beliefs which he sticks to completely. Simple things like not lying and always trying to help his neighbours. The way he is building a relationship with his father after his father's death, through his journals and talking to his father's ghost is great too.

    I think I'll stop now but there is sooo much more that I love about this show. Watch Due South. It rules!
  • A very fun action/comedy

    Unfortunately, I was a little young when the episodes aired and I didn't know about the show. A few years later, I catch it on syndication and grow to *love* it! You probably know its about a Mountie and a Chicago cop. The first two seasons starred Paul Gross and David Marciano. Then, Marciano left and Callum Keith Rennie replaced him as the detective. It really plays on the differences between Canadians and Americans, while combining action, comedy, and a lot of heart. I completely recommend it.

    Greetings from Canada!

    P.S. Those wanting the dvd in Region 1, get the cheaper, American version: it's better. Don't believe me? Visit Amazon.com and look at the reviews. Those needing the dvd in Region 2, check out Amazon.co.uk!
  • omg omg

    this is the funnest show ever i mean it is the best this show is about 5 mates who go thourge hularios adventuers and swaers loads i love 2 watch is i whould watch it all my life if i hav 2 id recomend this show i thought it was stupid but its not
  • Love it.

    When i was in 6th grade 6 years ago i love this show and then it when off the US station it used to be on TNT i believe. I want to be a RCMP for Halloween. I wish they had this show on the air. It was a great show and I can't believe no one i know knows about it.
  • Definitely a great show. Too bad it was before my time but I was lucky enough to catch it anyway.

    The best thing about this show is the fact that you can laugh at Fraser for being a silly canadian!
    (I am not saying canadians are weird or something, so do not kill me!)
    I love it when shows have this 'one culture meets other culture' element in it. I am from the Netherlands myself and I still laugh at jokes made about Amsterdam. It is just great amusement.
    Another thing that makes this show absolutely fabulous are the dialogues between Benton and Ray. It is great to hear them finish each others sentences like they are one person.
    And, (I should not forget this) Diefenbaker is just so adorable! Obviously the whole show just would not exist without him :P
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