Due South

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1996 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • Norman: Who needs Myrtle Beach when you have the opportunity of a lifetime?

      Myrtle Beach is a popular tourist destination in South Carolina.

  • Quotes

    • Bob: Where's your horse?
      Benton Fraser: Well, I, I don't have one. I have a wolf if, if that helps you any.
      Bob: You ride him?
      Benton Fraser: No. He's deaf.

    • Bob: Let me guess... CIA, right?
      Benton Fraser: No, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Constable Benton Fraser.

    • Ray Vecchio: How do I get out of this town?
      Counter Clerk: Left at the corner.
      Ray Vecchio: Well, I don't have a car.
      Counter Clerk: Then you have a problem.
      Ray Vecchio: You have no idea. Is there a car rental agency?
      Counter Clerk: Apollo 13 Rentals.
      Ray Vecchio: How about a bus?
      Counter Clerk: Last one went through an hour ago.
      Ray Vecchio: Does the space shuttle fly over any time soon?
      Counter Clerk: Ask Bob.
      Ray Vecchio: I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon. (She offers Ray a plastic spoon.) No, no, it's just an expression.

    • Ray Vecchio: (To Ian.) You keep talking. (To Fraser.) With a bit of luck maybe they'll shoot him!

    • Benton Fraser: Never judge a book by its cover. Ray Vecchio: No one says that any more. Benton Fraser: My grandmother did.
      Ray Vecchio: I knew she was behind this. Benton Fraser: Behind what?

    • Ray Vecchio: And Fraser? The next time you ask me a hypothetical question?
      Benton Fraser: Yes, Ray?
      Ray Vecchio: The answer is no.

  • Notes

    • Music featured in this episode includes Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by Klaatu which can be found on Due South: The Original Television Soundtrack.

  • Allusions

    • Ray Vecchio: You met her last night?
      Ian MacDonald: It only takes a moment. My mother used to say that.
      Stella: I thought it was Barbra Streisand.

      In 1969, Barbra Streisand starred in the motion picture version of the Broadway musical Hello, Dolly!; the musical includes the song "It Only Takes a Moment." Streisand never recorded the song, however; in the film, it is sung by Michael Crawford after his character, Cornelius Hackl, declares his love for Irene Molloy, played by Marianne McAndrew.

    • Ian MacDonald: This place is famous, the Constellation. This is where Mick stays when the Stones are traveling, and where Muhammad Ali and George Foreman had their secret meeting before the fight -- but you didn't hear that from me, okay?

      The first reference is, of course, to Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. The second reference is to the "Rumble in the Jungle" fight between Ali and Foreman in Zaire, which took place on October 30, 1974.

    • While passing through Jackson, there is a sign that reads 'Rosewell, Illinois'. This is a reference and play on Roswell, New Mexico, the famous site of alien landings and conspiracy theories regarding it.

    • Ray Vecchio: Beam me up?

      This is a reference to the science fiction TV series Star Trek. The line 'beam me up' refers to the transporter device. 'Beam me up, Scotty' is also something of a catchphrase, despite never having been said in the show.