Due South

Season 2 Episode 9

The Edge

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1996 on CTV
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Episode Summary

The Edge
Ray and Fraser team up with Anita Cortez to protect their countries diplomats at a NAFTA convention, and a series of mishaps land Fraser with envelope duty, until he and Cortez can put aside their mutual enmity to work together.

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    Skijoring Dog

    Guest Star



    Diefenbaker [as a pup]

    Guest Star

    Jason Blicker

    Jason Blicker

    Special Agent Helms

    Guest Star

    Gordon Pinsent

    Gordon Pinsent

    Robert Fraser

    Recurring Role

    Camilla Scott

    Camilla Scott

    Insp. Margaret Thatcher

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Fraser says that his mother's maiden name is Pinsent.

      • Ray Vecchio assures Cortez when she steps on a mine that he has never lost a partner. He then revises that statement to never losing a partner to a land mine. He admits that he lost his partner to a minivan, which he was driving at the time.

      • The rabbit that startles Cortez is clearly being held in place in the frame by clear string.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • (Thatcher approaches Cortez, who is wiping fake blood of Frasier's neck.)
        Margaret Thatcher: Thank you. We clean our own personnel here.

      • Benton Fraser: Is this a dream or are you still dead?
        Robert Fraser: Still dead, son. Thanks for asking.

      • Benton Fraser: I haven't made a miscalculation since...
        Ray Vecchio: Since when?
        Benton Fraser: Well, since the last time you shot me. I'm just grateful you had the presence of mind to shoot me again.

      • Anita Cortez: So is it true you never lost your partner?
        Ray Vecchio: Well, uhhh... No.
        Anita Cortez: No.
        Ray Vecchio: Well, what I meant was, I never lost a partner to a land mine.
        Anita Cortez: That's not what you said.
        Ray Vecchio: Well, that's what I meant.
        Anita Cortez: I can't believe you lied to me.
        Ray Vecchio: Well, technically I didn't lie to you. You see, he was hit by a minivan.
        Anita Cortez: Oh.
        Ray Vecchio: While I was driving it. (Ray takes off running.)
        Anita Cortez: Vecchio! (Cortez takes off after him.)

      • Ray Vecchio: One false step and I'm an extra in an Indiana Jones movie.

      • Harding Welsh: (To Ray.) Have you heard of the old Spanish expression 'el guardo traffico'?

    • NOTES (0)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Man: Mother's maiden name?
        Benton Fraser: Pinsent.

        'Pinsent' is the surname of actor who frequently guest stars as Fraser's father.

      • The three special agents were named in honor of three heads of the CIA: Bush (George Sr.), Casey (William) and Helms (Richard).