Due South

Season 1 Episode 14

The Man Who Knew Too Little

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1995 on CTV



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    • Ray Vecchio: Oh, feeling a little guilty, are we? A little guilt at having left us stranded in the middle of nowhere to freeze to death. Well, it's too late pal, God can see right through these little last minute attempts at redemption when you think the end is near and trust me it won't do you any good.

    • Ray Vecchio: I think I got their windshield.
      Benton Fraser: Every little bit helps, Ray.
      Ian MacDonald: Yeah, we'll be dead, but they'll have really poor visibility.

    • Benton Fraser: My father said something that's always stuck with me, Ray.
      Ray Vecchio: Your father never shut up, did he?
      Benton Fraser: He said that a man with no future will often run to his past.
      Ray Vecchio: When did that come up, Fraser? Were you just sitting around at breakfast and he suddenly came out with it? Or did he like run in and wake you up at night when he thought of these things.

    • Ian MacDonald: Did you see that?! They tried to kill me!
      Ray Vecchio Yeah, the bullets tipped me off.

    • Ian MacDonald: It's not happening, there's too much pressure.
      Ray Vecchio You have ten seconds and I start firing bullets through this door.

    • Ian MacDonald: I'm wanted for train robbery, murder one and escape from maximum security prison. I'll be no problem at all.

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