Due South

Season 1 Episode 4

They Eat Horses, Don't They?

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1994 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • Diefenbaker tackles the bad guy to the floor at the end, but neither Ray or Fraser let him out of the car.

      It's a running joke throughout the show that Diefenbaker manages to get himself out of the car/room/etc. and save the day.

  • Quotes

    • Fraser: Oh, would you mind dropping in to my place and checking up on Dief. He's been in the apartment all day.
      Ray: Oh, great. I can't wait to see what I'll find.

    • Ray: You oughta suck on something.
      Zaleb: You ought move your foot.
      Ray: Maybe I don't want to move my foot.
      Zaleb: But if you don't move your foot, I can't get that horse patty.
      Ray: Why would you want that horse patty?
      Zaleb: I'm not telling.
      Ray: Tell me why you want that horse patty and maybe I'll move my foot.
      Zaleb: Never.
      Ray: I'm a cop.
      Zaleb: So what?
      Ray: You want to serve time over a piece of manure?
      Zaleb: I'd rather go to the chair than talk.
      Ray: You know what I just decided? I just decided that you're so nuts, I'm gonna let you have your patty.

    • Ray Vecchio: Old Zaleb came through for us. He remembers detecting some very subtle changes in the horse manure at a particular plant. Want to hear which one? Does the word 'Barnaby Jones' mean anything to you?
      Benton Fraser: No matter what you say, you can not base an investigation on a theory developed from the casting of a television series.
      Ray Vecchio: You're just mad that I was right.
      Benton Fraser: I'm not mad, it just doesn't make any sense.
      Ray Vecchio: And putting horse meat on your nose does?
      Benton Fraser: That was different.
      Ray Vecchio: You're telling me.

    • Ray Vecchio: I'm going to freeze to death inside my friend Flicka.

    • Ray Vecchio: Your deaf wolf just ate my jelly donut!

    • Ray Vecchio: Some people pass away in their sleep, others die while making love to a beautiful woman. I'm going to die wrapped in meat.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The episode's title is an allusion to They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, a 1969 film directed by Sydney Pollack.

    • Ray Vecchio: I'm going to freeze to death inside my friend Flicka.

      My Friend Flicka was a 1950s television show about a boy named Ken and his horse, Flicka.

    • Ray Vecchio: Well, you know how on Barnaby Jones, you can always tell the bad guy because he's played by that actor that you see a lot?

      Barnaby Jones was a cop series that ran on CBS from 1973 to 1980.