Due South

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1995 on CTV
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During a bank robbery, Fraser and Ray are trapped in a time-locked, water-filled vault.

After Ray is declared dead due to a mix-up with the insurance company, Fraser and Ray go to Ray's bank, where the end up in the middle of a robbery, running into someone they've met before...Morgan. Fraser and Ray lock themselves in the vault and Fraser sets off the sprinkler system, hoping to hit the criminals with a tidal wave of water. Meanwhile, Frannie is waiting in Ray's car outside, and enters the building, thereby becoming a hostage.moreless

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  • Ray is legally dead, even for his bank! While complaining with the bank's chief, he and Fraiser are caught in the middle of a robbery. Trapped in the bank's vault, they just some hour of air, while the robbers continue their scheme...moreless

    Simply wonderful. Wacky from the beginning to the end. It's one of my favourite episodes, all the characters are loyal to themselves, Francesca when tries to sabotage the robbers, Deff when goes to seek help, and naturally the wonderful duo when are trapped in the vault. The alien calm of Fraiser keeps him cool even against this certain death, while Ray steals the money that the bank did'nt give him before because he was legally dead... It's just an exercise of the personality of the two, but it's funny and exciting... But one question i have: WHY ray has a bandaged arm in the baginning og the episode? It's a fake wound? Seems the wound he got when he protected Fraiser in the hospital episode ( Right next to Victoria's Secret); but this episode comes after "North", when the twos are lost in the woods and Fraiser is blind and immoble ( another great one ).

    I give it 9 just because i think "Red White and Blue" is even bettermoreless
Boyd Banks

Boyd Banks


Guest Star

Vincent Corazza

Vincent Corazza

Lenny [as Vince Corazza]

Guest Star

Grace Armas

Grace Armas


Guest Star

Ramona Milano

Ramona Milano

Francesca Vecchio

Recurring Role

Tony Craig

Tony Craig

Det. Jack Huey

Recurring Role

Camilla Scott

Camilla Scott

Insp. Margaret Thatcher

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Ray Vecchio wears his arm in a sling due to being shot in the season one episode Letting Go, despite having not worn it in the previous episode, North.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Benton Fraser: We need a plan.
      Ray Vecchio: Well, there is a plan, Fraser and it goes something like this: they drill the door, they blow the door, they shoot at us with automatic weapons and we die.
      Benton Fraser: Mmh. What about a happier plan, Ray? A plan in which we surprise them, we disarm them and we rescue the hostages?
      Ray Vecchio: And we do all this with a tuning fork? Look, Fraser, if I had a choice between one of their plans and one of yours, I'd choose theirs, it's probably safer.

    • (Fraser and Vecchio have found out, that Francesca is held hostage in the lobby of the bank.)
      Ray Vecchio: She's my sister.
      Benton Fraser: She is also a very intelligent young woman, capable of handling herself in any given situation.
      Ray Vecchio: Do you really believe that?
      Benton Fraser: Not at all.
      Ray Vecchio: Good, me neither.

    • Benton Fraser: There is no danger of us suffocating for at least ... You know, Ray, in situations like these, the Inuit ...
      Ray Vecchio: Ooh, we're gonna die!

    • (Fraser and Vecchio inside the vault.)
      Benton Fraser: We are in luck, Ray. It is completely sealed off.
      Ray Vecchio: What?
      Benton Fraser: Airtight, obviously for security. Rest easy Ray, the money is perfectly safe.
      Ray Vecchio: Oh, that's a relief because for a moment there I was concerned that all this little Thomas Jeffersons were going to run out of oxygen.

    • Benton Fraser: This would be considered death in the line of duty.
      Ray Vecchio: No, see, duty is something you're paid to do. This is more like voluntary stupidity.

    • Ray Vecchio: Okay, what is it? No, don't tell me, just do it. Because if you tell me, two things will happen. One, I'll know it's stupid. Two, you'll do it anyway. This way at least you can do it without me knowing it's stupid.

    • Ray Vecchio: She's in the bank. They're going to kill her.
      Benton Fraser: No, Ray, not if they can't speak to you. They can't tell you they have Francesca and if they can't tell you they have her, then they can't threaten you , rendering the need for a hostage moot.
      Ray Vecchio: But I know they have her.
      Benton Fraser: But they don't know you know.

    • Ray Vecchio: Friend of yours?
      Benton Fraser: Ours. Last year, the one who held up the brokerage firm.
      Ray Vecchio: The one who shot you in the hat?

    • Bank Manager: I'm sorry, sir, but I'll have to call head office. If you could just come back tomorrow.
      Ray Vecchio: Listen, champ, I'm a cop. I may not be alive tomorrow.
      Bank Manager: Well, according to this you're not alive now, sir.

    • Ray Vecchio: This is how they punish Mounties in Canada? They make them dress like an American?

    • Ray Vecchio: "Vecchio, Raymond: deceased." Then the city computer instructs the state and federal computers to cancel my registration, my drivers license, and my social security card. So now, I'm getting buried on Thursday and I can't even afford to get my good suit out of the cleaners!

    • Ray Vecchio: Anymore good news, Elaine?
      Elaine Besbriss: Your disability application, it's been denied. The insurance doctor said "No man could sustain this kind of injury and live."
      Ray Vecchio: And the good news?
      Elaine Besbriss: They're burying you with full honors. Three o'clock, Thursday. Don't be late.

    • Harding Welsh: But the truly startling thing? This bullet, once inside your shoulder, appears to have taken a radical change in direction, travelling southward, piercing a lung and injuring several major organs. Now why do you suppose it did that, Detective?
      Ray Vecchio: Who really knows, these things happen, sir? A freak accident.

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