Due South

Season 1 Episode 20

Victoria's Secret (1)

Aired Unknown May 11, 1995 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • Benton Fraser takes one of 'something like' 82 sick days that he is owed, to spend it with Victoria.

  • Quotes

    • Benton Fraser: It snowed for a day and a night and a day. And when I couldn't talk any more, I took her fingers and I put them in my mouth, to keep them warm. I don't remember losing consciousness but I do remember being aware that I was dying. And then I heard her voice. She was reciting a poem, over and over. I couldn't make out the words but I couldn't stop listening. She had the most beautiful voice. It was as though I had known her forever, across a thousand lifetimes.

    • Ray Vecchio: Chuckles ain't no clown, that's for sure.
      Benton Fraser: Jolly?
      Ray Vecchio: Yeah, he's got quite a history.

    • Benton Fraser: Your cabin burned down last week.
      Bob Fraser: Mmm. Well, I don't use it much anymore.

    • Ray Vecchio: You got a woman in there?
      Benton Fraser: Yes.
      Ray Vecchio: Heh heh heh. Way to go, man! Way to go! You got an actual woman. You.

    • Vendor: Hey, mister! Mister! Take a look. Twenty bucks for genuine Eskimo soapstone sculpture.
      Benton Fraser: Actually this isn't soapstone. It's not even stone. It's soap. And you might be curious to discover that the Inuit are not indigenous to Taiwan.

    • Victoria Metcalf: Shh! This is my favorite movie. I've always wanted to be Eve Kendall.
      Benton Fraser: But she sends Cary Grant to be killed.
      Victoria Metcalf: She had no choice.

    • Bob Fraser: Well, she was a criminal. You had no choice but to bring her to justice. Are you going to eat those fries?

    • Bob Fraser: In my 57 years of being alive and 14 months of being dead, I've only learned one thing about women and that's that I haven't learned one damn thing about women.

    • Ray: So how did you two meet?
      Victoria: He arrested me.
      Ray: He meets a lot of people that way.

  • Notes

    • MUSIC

      - Possession [piano version] (Sarah McLachlan, from Fumbling Toward Ecstasy)
      - O God, My God (The Baha'i Chronicle)

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