Due South

Season 1 Episode 21

Victoria's Secret (2)

Aired Unknown May 11, 1995 on CTV

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  • One of the most serious episodes and one of the best. Part 2 of a fantastic and emotional two-parter.

    Due South takes a more serious turn in this two-parter which sees Fraser reunited with a woman from his past; he arrested her and he loved her. We finally see the human behind the Mountie persona and his inner struggle makes tragic viewing. When Fraser discovers Victoria's true nature and his life begins to crumble taking Ray down too, he is forced to choose between duty, friendship and passion. The final scene – Fraser lying on a platform having been shot unintentionally by his best friend with a bullet intended for Victoria – is deeply moving, especially as Fraser finally remembers the long-forgotten poem from years before as Victoria's train disappears. Definitely one of the best episodes.
  • the best episode ever!

    the double episode of "victoria's secret" was the best one ever on this show even though it was rather atypical since it lacked the eccentric humour "due south" usually provided us with. "victoria's secret" is very tragic and sad and it shows us fraser from a completely different point of view we hadn't seen before. we had got to know him as a man always obeying to the law and his duties. his love to victoria and the regrets he felt for having her turned in and the feeling of having had her betrayed made him act in a more emotional and even irrational but touching way. wonderful story, incredibly well acted.
  • We finally see a human side of Fraser as he loses the love of his life, Victoria, when hes shot and she leaves him reciting the poem she saved his life with once before. Heartbreaking and emotional, a very special, sad episode.;(

    We see Fraser mourning his loss of her as he lights candles in his window as his dead father watches him cry for his lost love. He told Ray of the story of how he and Victoria met years before, not knowing Ray wasnt listening, but sleeping. He discovers Victoria for who she really is and discovers shes been lying to him, but he does not care because he loves her so much. in the last scene, he stops he from getting on the train by knocking the stolen diamonds on the floor. She orders him at gunpoint to pick the up but he tells her he cant. She gives him the gun and tells him shes getting on the train. She says "are you going to shoot me" and when Fraser doesnt stop her she says "thought not". She gets on the train and yells to him to come with her. Fraser pauses, then begins to run after her. Ray, Huey, Luey and Welsh come round the corner with guns. Fraser runs to Victoria their arms outstretched. Ray shoots at Victoria to stop her but at that second Fraser jumps onto the train and unintentionally takes the bullet. Victoria and Fraser look into each others eyes and she has to let him fall from the train. He crashes to the ground. Ray and the others crowd round Fraser and he says he should be with her. Victoria enters the train carriage and doesnt look back. Fraser recites the poem, the same poem that he could not remember the words to, but it saved his life in the North West territories years before, and the snow begins to fall on the train station floor as the episode ends.
  • Wow. There just aren't enough words to describe this episode. Gripping. Amazing. Heartbreaking. They're just a few.

    OMG! This episode was absolutely brilliant. I was glued to the tv screen from the beginning. I kind of understood why Victoria wanted to get revenge on Fraser but boy did she take it too far. She used his love for her against him and almost made him a fugitive. I wanted to kill her... and hug Fraser and tell him that everything will be ok in the end.

    Only problem is it wasn't ok in the end. Imagine being shot in the back by your best friend! I was so gobsmacked when Ray pulled the trigger. I know he did the 'right?' thing really. He saved his friend from being a fugitive on the run from the law which he held so dear and he saved his house that he would have lost had he lost the bail money he put out for Fraser.

    The poem... what can I say about the poem except aw. He remembered the words. I can't wait for the next episode... role on Monday!
  • The Best of the Best Part 2

    This is part 2 of a 2 part series. Everything comes apart in this episode. The person that Frasier loved he learns tries to set both him and his cop friend up.

    It all comes down to the final scene when you see Frasier wanted to escape with his lover knowing that if he let her go that he would regret it for the rest of his life only to find his friend/partner shooting him to stop him. I almost cried the scene was so perfectly.
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