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  • Parody or not, it's still a horribly paced mess of a series.

    I think we are all familiar with Yugioh! right? A show where card games save the world, are the biggest thing since sliced bread and can summon giant monsters. Now say what you will about it but I think it's a descent show that kids will love (I did). It still holds a place in my heart especially due to the hilarious abridged series. Now when this came along...as a kid I was BOOOOORED by it and now that I was older and willing to give some shows another look, I took another look at this one. Guess what? It is somehow even worse! The animation is bad, really bad, especially the cgi on the monsters which The Asylum would say looks awful. It is even worse when you consider it was done by studio ACGT who can do some great animation like in Koi Kaze and Kino's Journey so I assume they were on lazy mode that day. Now once again, just because it has bad animation does not mean everything else is bad right? Well the writing is bad, really bad all the characters are dull, even worse than Yugioh! at some times! The story makes no sense and we have no motivation or even basic thought. Not even the card game makes a lot of sense, which is a big factor which hurts the show immensly. Isn't one rule of card game shows that you have to at least make the card game understandable, they did that in Yugioh!. Actually halfway through they decide to gag dab, which does not help one bit unlike Ghost Stories. Voice acting? Joshua Seth tries his best with his role but everyone else is flat, screechy and dull. But now the biggest problem, IT IS SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. The show has such a slow meandering pace which makes Yugioh! seem like Speed Racer! Nothing happens in a lot of the episodes that is relevant and even the stuff that is makes no sense. Plus with the boring characters the show has no staying power for kids. Bottomline, horrible knockoff of a descent show and people thought GX was bad at least it got much better in season 3.
  • somthing about cards and monsters thats about it

    this show sucks cant stand it never seen a bigger rip off of yugioh its basically the same thing the animations and graphics are terrible and cheap and some how they think putting some weird of topic humor will help the show well it doesnt one of the worst animes ever I dont even now what its about what the point I honestly could figure out why people watch it or buy the merchendise there is harldy no plot and the charchters are dumb and over emphisized you would have to be really into the card game or somthing to like this show its terrible
  • A satire on Yu-Gi-Oh.

    This show is a Yu-Gi-Oh rip off with bad refrences unlikebale characters a bad plot and worst yet it's what destroyed toonami why did Cartoon Network agree to air this. I'm not actually a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh it seems alright at somes though I prefer GX cause it does more stuff unlike the original Yu-Gi-Oh series. I used to be fan of Yu-Gi-Oh i'll admit but then I grew up now I don't play the card game anymore and i'll also admit I watched every dubbed episode of this and I was hating it I don't know why I watched it just cause no reason I guess this is cancelled in both sub and dub anyways.
  • Just from watching some epsidoes I can say that this anime sucks.

    Story: 0.6/10
    Taking adventage of the popularity of Yu-gi-oh, they rushed an anime about what could be the rival of Yu-gi-oh in the TCG world. All the people seems excited by this game for no apparent reason as in other anime of this kind (Medabots, Beyblade, Yu-gi-oh and even Bdaman). Jokes are just bad... and when I say bad, I mean BAD.

    Character desing: 3/10
    The main character design is the lamest thing I've ever seen, yet the desing of the girls is average and some the bad guys have a decent one, but not the main character!

    Overall: 2.2
    Despite of maybe having a quite good TCG it isnt a good show, the idea of making it was just lame, trying to grab some leaders from the same that Yu-gi-oh traveled was a desesperate try of getting more money out of this.
  • duumb!

    this show is a rip of yugioh, pokemon and the magic the gathering. it has elementals of all three in it. the main character is shobu who is a talented gamer. he is to cocky though. the show revolves around him and his friends. thye all play the game kaijuno or also refered to as duel masters. shobu befriends a girl named mimi who actually is a temple guardian duelist. this show is lame because it is a copycat show. if you really want to she a show about people dueling watch yugioh because it has a plot line that is much better than this show. they copied it yes they tid thats really the truth. its a very very very very very very very very very very very dumb show. i like mimi though!
  • out of a scale from 0-10 in originality give it a 0

    it copies yu-gi-oh which is much better i don't know if theres one tiny spec of origanilty that kid withthe spiky hair is like yugi one is like tea even an antihero that represents kaiba also that dragon thing seems to act like exodia, egyptian god cards or if its his sig. card is a parody of dark magician yugi's fave card also duel masters awfully sounds like duel monsters the game in the manga and show ok so its only yu-gi-oh but from a scale from 1-10 (10 the highest of course) on originality 1. if you want an original show duel masters isn't for you
  • To those who think this show stinks, I think it it really rocks and it's funny. I LOVE IT!

    Duel Masters is really one of the greatest shows that I have ever watched. I love teh fire deck that Shobu starts out with. My favorite fire monsters in his deck is Bullshock Dragon and Mini Titan Gett. I also love the 3-D animation when ever someone summons a monster to the battle field. I also love it whenever the little guy goes flying to some other part of the world. It's really funny. Anyway, another reason I love this show is because it reminds me of Yu-gi-oh and Yu-gi-oh GX. It has passion, romance (very little of it), and hardcore monster attacking action. I hope it makes its way back on to the Toonami line-up (as long as it doen't take out Yu-gi-oh GX, or One Piece, or Bobobo). DUEL MASTERS ROCKS!
  • n

    this show is a rip of yugioh, pokemon and the magic the gathering. it has elementals of all three in it. the main character is shobu who is a talented gamer. he is to cocky though. the show revolves around him and his friends. thye all play the game kaijuno or also refered to as duel masters. shobu befriends a girl named mimi who actually is a temple guardian duelist. this show is lame because it is a copycat show. if you really want to she a show about people dueling watch yugioh because it has a plot line that is much better than this show. they copied it yes they tid thats really the truth. its a dumb show that needs to be challenged.
  • Oh great!First we had Yu-Gi-Oh,now this!

    Ok,what do I have to say,well it's a rather pitiful show.I can't even follow the plots,plus it does suffer a lot of bad acting seeing as it's a comedy plus it's a scam brought to us by the people who made Transformers,yep you guess ed it Hasbro.I can't belive I sat through this.I'm glad it's off Toonami,but now instead of this we get something just as pitiful called The Prince of Tennis(Lame!)And since I've just about explained my hatrid for this show in a nut shell,let's just say don't waste 30 minutes on this show.I'd rather you watch something decent on Cartoon Network like Ed Edd n Eddy.You'll be glad you did
  • copycat copycat

    this show is a rip of yugioh, pokemon and the magic the gathering. it has elementals of all three in it. the main character is shobu who is a talented gamer. he is to cocky though. the show revolves around him and his friends. thye all play the game kaijuno or also refered to as duel masters. shobu befriends a girl named mimi who actually is a temple guardian duelist. this show is lame because it is a copycat show. if you really want to she a show about people dueling watch yugioh because it has a plot line that is much better than this show. they copied it yes they tid thats really the truth. its a very very very very very very very very very very very dumb show.
  • Copycat! Copycat! Sunday-Monday in the Rat!

    Shobu Kirifuda loves to play the special trading-card game, Duel Masters. For many, Duel Masters is just a fun game, but for others it is much more. A few elite players can actually bring the card creatures to life. Doing so requires passion and discipline, as well as a type of martial art, Kaijudo, "The Art of Battling with Giant Monsters," which helps develop and strengthen this ability. Shobu is a good and passionate duelist but has yet to learn his true potential. He quickly discovers that he can tap into the power of an alternate dimension where creatures and the magic in the game actually exist. Shobu learns that, like his father before him, he possesses the power to be a Kaijudo master. As Shobu continues to search for his missing father, who has vanished into the card dimension, he gains notoriety and skill as a duelist and is often guided by memories of his father. What appears to be an ordinary game becomes a very real battle for Shobu. This power brings him in contact with others who share this ability, some good and some evil.
  • a yugioh /pokemon copycat show!

    this show is a rip of yugioh, pokemon and the magic the gathering. it has elementals of all three in it. the main character is shobu who is a talented gamer. he is to cocky though. the show revolves around him and his friends. thye all play the game kaijuno or also refered to as duel masters. shobu befriends a girl named mimi who actually is a temple guardian duelist. this show is lame because it is a copycat show. if you really want to she a show about people dueling watch yugioh because it has a plot line that is much better than this show.
  • I\\\'m sorry to burst your bubble, but you don\\\'t have to watch it to know that it\\\'s a ripoff.

    I know what you people who have watched it and liked it are saying, \\\"You haven\\\'t really watch the show so how would you know?\\\" Well, all you have to do is watch the commercial and you see a kid who looks like a mixture of Ash Ketchum/Yami/Yugi Moto dueling some other guy with cards similiar to that of Yu-Gi-Oh. Hello! Ever heard of originality? It\\\'s like the creator of this anime had either ran out of ideas or is an incredibly lazy couch potato who turned on the television and Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon happened to be on. And this doesn\\\'t stop there. Noooo! He wished that he could make an anime that is as good as those animes, so he drew the main character like Ash Ketchum/Yami/Yugi Moto and came up with a name known as \\\"Duel Masters\\\", but when you think about it, it kinda sounds like pokemon masters and duellist put together. Sorry duel masters fans, but I don\\\'t know what you see in this ripoff anime. I rest my case.
  • DUH!!!! Duel Masters is just a cheap rip off of YUGIOH!!!If you want to watch a show about a kid playing cards...WATCH YUGIOH!

    I don't understand why anyone would like this show. It's completely pointless. Its about some kid named Shobu who plays cards. The whole game is very similar to Duel Monsters. There is no real point in watching this show. Everything about it is so lame. I mean, I'm the kind of person who gives the crappiest shows second chances but this has completely failed to catch my interest. The show has no good plot,it has lame jokes,Shobu's hairstyle is nowhere near as cool as Yugi's, and I don't understand how exactly they play the card game!!! The only reason I gave this show a 1 was because the CGI Monsters looked cool. Duel Masters could have been real nice if the creators had put some effort and originality into it. Sadly....oh what can I say? If you want to watch a game about a kid playing cards...WATCH YUGIOH!
  • Cheap Yu-Gi-Oh spin off that is lame.

    Yu-Gi-Oh kicks this shows *** big time. The monsters on Yu-Gi-Oh are better looking and more *** kicking than the monsters on this show. It is so stupid. And what kind of name is Shobu Kirifuda? If they had a debate between Yu-Gi-Oh and Duel Masters, Yu-Gi-Oh would win. No competition there at all..
  • Now I play... a Yu-Gi-Oh ripoff show!

    The show by itself is watchable, but they did a bad reincarnation of Duel Monsters. They had to make the rules so ridiculously complicated to cover up the copyright infringement. The monsters are dumb, and everyone was probably stolen from Yu-Gi-Oh! The main character's haircut is even stolen! It looks just like Yugi's. This show may have been better if it didn't try to impersonate Yu-Gi-Oh...
  • People say "Don't judge a book by its cover". Well this one's different-"Don't judge a show when its not a copy"...or something like that...

    I'm really pissed off about people saying that Duel Masters is a copy of YuGiOh. SO WRONG!! I used to be a YuGiOh fan(still am!) and I don't even think that Duel Masters is a copy-cat. Here's the difference:One, Duel Masters includes mana to summon creatures and activate spells. Two, you need 5 shields to protect yourself. And three, there are three types:Light, Nature, Fire, Dark and Water Civilizations. The characters in the series even made fun of their show like, "Can we calm down the haziness for these flashbacks?". They even make fun of other shows like the OC and Gilmore Girls. It gets better everytime, like Hakuoh turning good, and Dr.Root's hidious drawings (season 3). What I'm really interested about this series are the jokes and the duels. I want to understand the game properly, even though I know how to play....Hakuoh rules!!!!!!!![I mean,*ahem*]
  • The closest thing you're going to get to MSTed Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Before I can properly review Duel Masters, I need to establish one thing about it.
    It's a terrible show.

    Honestly, look at it. Main character designs and archetypes ripped directly from other shows of the same genre. Things that are downright stupid (the character of Boy George is a giveaway, but sadly there are more ludicrous cast members available). An obsession with explaining the nuances of cards and how they affect each other. The fact that, unlike Yu-Gi-Oh!, the show was originally designed to sell the card game, rather than the card game spawning from the show. And the fact that Hasbro isn't willing to spend a lot of money on the show to make it high quality. (There's a reason why there's a different voice actor cast and production company every season.)

    Really, the show has three things going for it.
    1. The animation quality is sufficient that watching it doesn't result in instant hatred or confusion.
    2. The CGI monster effects are pretty nice, and look like some actual effort was put into them. Well, most of the time, anyway. The first season was inconsistent in that regard.
    And most importantly:
    3. The production company and voice cast know what they're dealing with, and rather than trying to salvage it as a good show, they aim to be as amusing as possible.

    And this is why the show is watchable.

    The jokes are hit-or-miss, but they're delivered in a manner that shows that no one is really taking this seriously. Pop culture references abound and genre conventions are relentlessly mocked. Errors made in the original Japanese production are pointed out in dialogue. And, amazingly, it gets quite a few laughs out of me per episode.

    Unlike a parody dub, though, the show makes at least some effort to convey the original plot. It's largely pointless, save for the American-targeted second season, and even that turns into a mess of cliches in the long run. But what else can we expect from a show that routinely claims that a CCG is the most important thing in these characters' lives?

    Season transitions are bumpy. The first season specialized in scene edits and post-production in an effort to make the show odder than usual. The second season made the fewest attempts at humor, but had the most engaging storyline. And the third season appears to have the most consistently amusing dialogue. All three seasons have their merits, and none are unwatchable. I am even hard-pressed to think of a situation where one voice actor is completely unacceptable for a character compared to another one.

    All in all, this show doesn't deserve to be successful, but it certainly made me a fan.
  • It's an eyecatcher with it's humor, and perfect for a few laughs.

    The storyline isn't the greatest at some times, and the show can get confusing, especially if you don't know how the game goes. But it's completely worth it for the celebrity jokes and corny (yet oddly hilarious) gags. It's not a show I jump and scream to watch, but it definitely has the whole "entertainment" thing down. Really. I like this show a lot, and if I miss it, I won't throw a tantrum, but I will be very disappointed. The characters are good (but Night and Hakuo are the best!), the monsters are intersting, and the bad guys are...okay, weirdos. But don't take my word for it; watch it yourself!!
  • Look at my Rating. That tells you the whole story.

    The animation is dismal, the storyline is weak, and the lead character and his cronies want me to put my head in my desk and slam down the lid. HARD.

    There are only two characters I like in this, and I cannot even remember thier names. This shows how forgettable this show is. It is a carbon, cheapo copy of Yugioh just much, much more corny. It belongs on a pile of rubbish. It shames the name of anime.
  • A young man uses cards to fight for the title Kaijudo duelist.

    This show is about Shobou. A young man determained to become a Kaijudo duelist like his fahter. The show is exceptional. Though the theme is dueling with duel master cards the charectors and plots are well tought out, that is until the second series, where it begins to slip, the basic they set down in the frst series are losened, and the charector devolopment hits a dead end. Thgis aside it is worth watching, why? the constant battles between the summoned monsters and the hilarious dilouge that goes on during the most serious of times. With a light and humerous background it is worth watching if you have some free time
  • This show is such a big copy f Yu-Gi-Oh.

    This show is so lame plus a copy. What kind of name is Shobu anywayz? Yeah so maybe the cards look cooler than the one in Yu-Gi-Oh's but the story is so dumb ,I don't even get the show. so maybe i only watched one episode but I hate it. Don't ever ever ever watch this stupid show ever.
  • Might as well be call Yu-Gi-Oh Masters.

    It's pretty much the same. Another Yu-Gi-Oh wannabe. Same Personalities, same favorite monsters, same everything. It's like watching a rabbit reproduce. Yu-Gi-Oh is just like a rabbit; once it multiplies, they'll keep on coming. I watched it a few times and it almost made me barf. The creator can do us all a good thing and just

    A) Get eaten by a lion

    B) Get kidnapped by mailmen

    C) Get tied to a rock and get thrown ito a lake

    D) Get run over by a truck.

    Yours Truly,
  • I finally decided to write a review for this show.

    Pros: it's pretty silly; nice 3-D monsters

    Cons: the comedy gets to the point where it's hit-or-miss; duels are hard to follow if you don't play the card game; script issues

    The infamous anime series known as Duel Masters. Where do I begin? Let's see, the story is just about the same as any other shonen anime; Shobu Kirifuda is on a quest to become a master duelist like his father, but he'll have lots of obstacles to overcome first. Sure, the story's shallow, but what really makes Duel Masters a "love-or-hate" anime is the script.

    The characters go on and on and on making pop-cultural references and breaking the fourth wall, whether they be subtle or obvious. The comedic script is indeed off the wall like the English dub writing in Samurai Pizza Cats. But here's the thing: SPC was funny to begin with, and the English script made the show even funnier. However, in the case of Duel Masters, the script definitely feels odd and misplaced in the show. The writing is really more hit-or-miss.

    Moreover, since the writing makes the characters give endless amounts of fourth-wall-breaking and pop-cultural references especially during the duels, it means that the characters do more hit-or-miss dialogue instead of actually explaining what the heck's going on during the duels. Even if you play the actual card game (like me), you'll find yourself scratching your head and then writing "WTF" in your blogs when discussing about Duel Masters because the characters don't explain 90% of the time what they're during or what the card effects are. Even 4Kids does a better job with Yu-Gi-Oh.

    Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh, let me make this loud and clear: Duel Masters is not to be confused with it!!! In fact, the actual card game resembles Magic: The Gathering more than Yu-Gi-Oh. But what all three of these card games have in common is monsters. Duel Masters renders some but not all monsters into 3-D, and it actually looks pretty cool.

    People either love or hate this show, but I just can't get enough of all the parodies and pop-cultural references.
  • This show is really unintentionally funny! It has what no other show has, well, at least to me. Lol. Even in amidst danger, they can still laugh and joke and such. So Duel Masters is one of my favorites so yeah!!!!!!!!

    This show is extremely funny and is unique! So it's one of a kind! The characters talk of real reality in our world like its a part of theirs so yeah, it's cool and I love it forever!!!!! For those who haven't seen it yet, you should when the chance arrives!
  • crap

    this show sucks its a copy of Yu-gi-oh I am
    not trying to insult any one who like the
    show sorry if I am but this show suck my
    question is why did the the person that
    made this copy for a sucky show like
    Yi-Gi-oh do not watch it when their hand
    glows it looks like a super cool attack.
  • Ok, the show is about Shobu and his many friends, (including 1st seasons villan, Hakuoh) and this great TCG called duel master. Generally, Shobu wins all the time, Raikuda loses all the time, and the others are somewhere between. Except Hakuoh, who's awes

    Ok, people, stop dissing the show! It's a comedy, and it's meant to be annoying. Yes, they talk about the fact that they're cartoons, and yes that can get annoying. But, come on have you seen some of the guys on that show? Many, many kawaii bishonen's. (Umm. . .japanese for cute handsome young men *sheepish grin*) They make annoying puns and run around like idiots. Come on, admit it, you think watching people run around like idiots is funny. Espesially when they're so kawaii! Umm. . .yea.
    When I first started watching this show, I could barely tell the plot line. I started in the eppy where Shobu loses the Dr. Root. Poor kid. Anywho, I thought that was a mean cliffhanger, so i watched the next one that I saw, which was when Hakuoh became a goodguy. . .(so i wasn't watching them in order. . .I'm only in High School!) And I was hooked, of course. Isn't Hakuoh just so Kawaii, espessially with the white/blond hair instead of silver/blue. . .um . . . I'm gonna stop before I embaress myself too much more. . .so on that note. . .yea. . .Hakuoh's really, really Kawaii, ne?
  • What is the point?

    This show does not make any sense. I watched it once and could not figure out if the show was taking a really long time to end or to begin. The card game needs some help. And when they do play all they do is talk. its like the whole thing is nothing but talk. if i wanted to watch a soap opera i would watch what my mother watchs every day. i dont see how this dumb show survived a season. this show should have been cut off the air after its first episode. i would rather watch something about history than watch this.
  • Fire, Water, Light, Darkness, Nature!

    Shobu is an amazing player of a game called Duelmasters. He can play with the best of them. This show is hilarious, I laugh everytime Rekuta even talks! Not because it's so bad, which it is not! Whether it's saving the world, or having a good laugh, Shobu and his friends bring light to my dueling world.
  • Pitting visuals in front of originality, "Duel Masters"'s almost dreadful voice acting and obscure characters will keep you snickering at whoever made the show.

    Okay, you nerds, time for another partially-accurate-and-fun-read review from Eagle himself.

    "Duel Masters" is an anime that blends the best from Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other trading card games out there to bring you a visually delightful but inferior Toonami addition.

    We do not like stuff that rips off from other stuff, and "Duel Masters" is no exception. The storyline of the first season sounds just like Yu-Gi-Oh. Even the characters' tone for the line, "I summon Dark Voodoo Fart of Terror" sound like Yu-Gi-Oh. It's like a Yu-Gi-Oh reject, FFS.

    Konami Staff: Hmm... I know! For the main character, we can have a black-haired kid with silver highlights named Shobu who wears a purple shirt throughout the series!
    Konami CEO: Oh, screw that. Make his hair purple instead of his shirt! And give him GOLD highlights because gold is pimping!

    Well, whatever you see it as, "Duel Masters" tends to get on the nerves of thousands of Yu-Gi-Oh fans worldwide. Still, it has a small active community (I know, I googled), but lacks an intelligent one.

    We don't need to see another card-game based series. We don't want to see any stunning visual animation made by Japanese nerds with software that can crash you computer at breakneck speed. What I want to see, just like video games, is a well thought-out plotline and humorous gags. Not cheap ways of getting viewers' attentions like:

    *The TV begins to flash bright lights and 3D monsters begin to breath huge 3D balls of fire at realistically 3D-animated people.*
    VIEWER: Wow...This is so cool...and I'm such an idiot for falling for it.
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