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  • Parody or not, it's still a horribly paced mess of a series.

    I think we are all familiar with Yugioh! right? A show where card games save the world, are the biggest thing since sliced bread and can summon giant monsters. Now say what you will about it but I think it's a descent show that kids will love (I did). It still holds a place in my heart especially due to the hilarious abridged series. Now when this came along...as a kid I was BOOOOORED by it and now that I was older and willing to give some shows another look, I took another look at this one. Guess what? It is somehow even worse! The animation is bad, really bad, especially the cgi on the monsters which The Asylum would say looks awful. It is even worse when you consider it was done by studio ACGT who can do some great animation like in Koi Kaze and Kino's Journey so I assume they were on lazy mode that day. Now once again, just because it has bad animation does not mean everything else is bad right? Well the writing is bad, really bad all the characters are dull, even worse than Yugioh! at some times! The story makes no sense and we have no motivation or even basic thought. Not even the card game makes a lot of sense, which is a big factor which hurts the show immensly. Isn't one rule of card game shows that you have to at least make the card game understandable, they did that in Yugioh!. Actually halfway through they decide to gag dab, which does not help one bit unlike Ghost Stories. Voice acting? Joshua Seth tries his best with his role but everyone else is flat, screechy and dull. But now the biggest problem, IT IS SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. The show has such a slow meandering pace which makes Yugioh! seem like Speed Racer! Nothing happens in a lot of the episodes that is relevant and even the stuff that is makes no sense. Plus with the boring characters the show has no staying power for kids. Bottomline, horrible knockoff of a descent show and people thought GX was bad at least it got much better in season 3.
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