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  • One of Fox's first shows

    When the Fox network began in 1987 it only had one night of programming, Sunday. Duet was one of its shows on Sunday night. It followed the romance of Ben & Laura from their first meeting to their first date and so on. It was a really good show. Then it took a turn into the surreal when Laura became an alcoholic and it suddenly got very dark. Eventually she got help and Ben and Laura were married. In season 3 the show skipped ahead two whole years. Suddenly Ben and Laura seemed to take a back seat to Richard and Linda, which set the tone for what happened next. Duet was turned into Open House. Both couples divorced and only Laura and Linda remained on the show. This time Linda was the star and Laura was the supporting actress. What a slap in the face to Mary Page Keller! Still, Open House was very funny and featured Ellen Degeneres as a colleague of the ladies. All in all the show(s) had a good run.