The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 4 Episode 9

10 Million Dollar Sheriff (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1981 on CBS

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  • Jason Steele's going to get it now. Nobody should ever mess with the Dukes.

    I have to say that I enjoyed the second part more than the first part. You just got to feel bad for the Dukes. Some bounty hunter is after them and then Uncle Jesse gets hurt trying to find him. This episode picks up right after the first part. Cooter is trying to get a hold of Uncle Jesse on the CB and then goes right to them all being in the hospital room talking to the doctor. The doctor said that he really didnt know if Uncle Jesse would wake up or not. Boss gets stuck being a deputy for Rosco and Rosco seems to treat Boss worse than Boss treated Rosco when Rosco wasnt rich. Rosco has Boss take pictures of all four sides of the General for Jason Steele's next attempt to get Bo and Luke. But Bo and Luke catch them and Rosco makes up a story as to why they were out there. Then Rosco gives Steele the pictures of the General Lee. Then Bo and Luke finally get to talk to Jason Steele face-to-face. Bo and Steele almost go at it till Luke stops Bo reminded him that Rosco would have them both in jail so fast for assault and battery. After they part Steele and Rosco talk and Rosco tries to talk to Steele about waiting to send Bo and Luke off to prison until they knew if Uncle Jesse was going to be okay or not. But Steele wouldnt allow it. Bo, Luke, and Daisy are in the hospital room again talking to Uncle Jesse trying to wake him up but it was no use. Then Bo and Luke have a beer at the Boars Nest and it turns out that Rosco doubled the beer prices and got the beer so watered down that its 10% fizz and the other 90% is foam. As Bo and LUke are trying to leave the Boars Nest Rosco and Cletus chase them around. After being chased Bo and Luke pull over back at the Boars Nest to see why they were being chased. Turns out that the General Lee that they were driving wasnt the real General Lee. Rosco arrests them for grand theft auto. But when they try to escape Steele and his buddy catch them and order them into the back of a van with bars on the back so they couldnt get out. Then Rosco finds out that he really didnt inherit $10 million dollars, he only inherited $10. He catches up to Steele before he could get the boys to Atlanta. When Steele finds out what happened he lets the boys go and takes Rosco with him. Cooter shows up with the General Lee and Bo and Luke go after Steele and try to save Rosco. They caught up to him and they fought with Steele and his buddy for awhile. Steele was arrested, Rosco was saved, Boss was the richest man in Hazzard County again, and best of all Uncle Jesse was okay.

    The best part of the episode for me was when Bo wanted to fight Steele when he and Luke met him for the first time. When Luke stopped him you could tell that he was about to cry because he couldnt hurt the man who caused his uncle to get hurt. The other part that I like was when they were in the hospital room the second time. Bo's trying to talk to Uncle Jesse to get him to wake up and you could just hear the pain in Bo's voice. And you could also tell that he was crying. When they leave to go to the Boars Nest Bo asks Luke if he thinks Uncle Jesse is going to be all right and Luke tells Bo that he will be fine even though he doesnt know that he'll be all right. You could just tell that Luke was feeling bad for Bo. Great episode!!!!!