The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 6 Episode 7

A Boy's Best Friend

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1983 on CBS

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  • Rosco's dog, Flash, is dognapped, and Bo and Luke want to help an orphan boy.

    Bo and Luke meet an orphan boy who has lost both of his parents, and the Duke Boys know just how he feels. So Bo and Luke want to help him out in some way. They go to the local pound and get a dog that looks just like Flash. It turns out the dog that Bo and Luke got was a dog that was dognapped. So when the dognappers come looking for that dog they find Flash, Rosco's dog, instead and dognap her. Rosco tries to stop them, but they get Flash and take off. When Bo and Luke find Rosco he seems like he is lost and doesn't know what to do. In the end Rosco gets Flash back. For the orphan boy, Bo and Luke return the dog to him, and try to tell him that he has to give the dog back to the right owner. Mr. Hooper, the owner of the dog that was dognapped, can see how much the orphan boy loves the dog. So he and his wife adopt the boy so he can always be with the dog that he loves very much.
    When I watched this episode I cried through it. I cried the most at the end when the owner was going to adopt the orphan boy so he could be with the dog. This is a very moving episode. Even having to think about this episode to write this review I start to cry. This is a very powerful episode to watch.
  • Dognappers kidnap a bassett hound which then escapes and is taken in by the local pound. The dognappers then mistake Flash for the dog they kidnapped. To make matters worse, Bo and Luke buy the bassett the criminals are looking for to give to an orphaned

    I loved this episode because it was so emotional. Rosco's reaction to Flash being kidnapped was so well acted by James Best - he just seemed so lost and distraught. Bo and Luke's generosity and attempts to help and the little boy's situation tugged at the heart strings, especially when the dog they gave him almost had to be taken away from him again. Their sympathy and they way Bo and Luke did everything they could to help the boy (they were even willing to give everything they owned to buy the dog) made me like the characters even more than I already did.
    Over all a great Dukes of Hazzard episode which had me in tears for almost the entire hour lol.
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