The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 5 Episode 11

A Little Game of Pool

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 1982 on CBS

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  • Boss hooks up with 2 wanted criminals who have all the times that various payrolls are pickedup/delivered and he wants in. Only he needs to supply the crooks with a fast car to do it, namely the General Lee.

    This is a fairly tame episode IMO. Pretty average amount of Daisy and her short shorts and no other cute chicks playing the bad guy.

    Boss is sure to get a belly ache in this one after that huge bowl of ice-cream and then right after words a huge sub sandwhich, which does look pretty good.

    Bos wants the General lee and knows stealing it won't work....because he just tried it. So he challenges Uncle Jessie to a pool game for his white convertable against the General. Only at the last minute Boss fakes a broken arm and substitutes (which under ridge runner rules is allowed) a pro pool shark. Needless to say Uncle Jessy looses to the pro. Unfortunately Boss blows the whole thing when he blames the Dukes for being sore loosers and starts slamming his fist (the one that was suposed to be broken) on the table.

    I thought it really made boss look extra low when he rips the felt on Uncle Jessies pool table and acts like so sorry, to bad.

    Enos is espicially helpfull to the boys going along with them all the way out to the next county to run some finger prints through the fax machine to the FBI on a counta the one (apparently there is only one fax machine in all of hazzard) in the police station is busted.

    One last thing I don't understand is with Boss's money and for sake of ease why not just buy a fast car and sup it up if he need a speedy vehicle. Surely he could afford a Corvette or a Camaro or something, but there wouldn't be no show then....would there?!?!? :)
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