The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 12

Arrest Jesse Duke

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 14, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Bo is tied up on the jeep of one of the car strippers they are arriving at a river and they have a close up shot of him halfway sitting down and then in a wide shot he is standing up.

  • Quotes

    • Luke: Bo, we owe it to ourselves to take a trip into town.
      Bo: Hey, we're going.
      Daisy: I'm going.
      Bo: What?
      Daisy: And there'll be no arguments, fellas, 'cause I'm already mad enough to spit.
      Bo and Luke: She's going.

    • Bo: Hey, Hughie.
      Hughie: Hi...Bo Duke, stop! You're under arrest!
      Bo: Bye.

    • Bo: Y'all take the General Lee to the garage and I'll follow these here tracks, see if I can't find something out.
      Luke: Take care of yourself, Cousin. That blonde charm of yours ain't worth a bucket of spit against a .38.
      Bo: Well, I'll die with a smile on my face.

    • Bo : I never had a girl shoot at me before.
      Luke: Generally it's the girl's fathers.

    • Cooter: Hey Bo?
      Bo: Yeah Cooter?
      Cooter: Next time you got shotgun.
      Bo: Thanks a lot, Cooter

    • Cooter: I got shotgun.
      Bo: You always got shotgun!

    • Bo: Stay a little lower then that. Stay low, Luke.
      Luke: If I stay any lower, I'll be a lane marker!

    • Balladeer: Duck, Daisy Duke, I don't think she's playing with that gun.

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode filmed after Ben Jones's return to the show after his brief boycott (over whether Cooter should have a beard). At one point, Daisy says how good it is to have him back (although it is never explained where he had been). Due to the shuffled broadcast of the second season, Cooter's appearances are even more jumbled up, with him appearing in some episodes but being absent in others after his supposed return.

    • In this episode, Daisy's Jeep appears as it did in it's introduction at the end of "The Runaway" - it has doors with "Dixie" painted on, and "Golden Eagle" written on the sides of the hood. In all other episodes, it has no doors and "Dixie" written instead of "Golden Eagle" on the sides of the hood.

    • Candi and Randi Brough would return in Twin Trouble.

    • This episode was produced after "The Runaway" and originally intended to air after that episode, as Daisy's white jeep Dixie is used by Bo and Luke to escort Daisy and Cooter in the hearse. But it was in "The Runaway" that Daisy recieved Dixie as a replacement for her yellow car after Bo and Luke drove it off a cliff. As with a number of second season episodes, the broadcast order was very different from the production order, leading to several continuity errors.

    • In James Best's absence, Rosco is said to have gone to take a refresher course at the Police Academy in Atlanta.

    • The opening credits for this and the other episodes where James Best is absent, are noticeably different from the usual version. To completely eliminate Best, all shots containing him in the opening credits are replaced for different ones without him in (and one shot of Daisy that didn't have him in, but the editors obviously felt like changing it anyway!) Bar the 5th season Coy and Vance version of the opening credits, this is the most notably different version of the opening credits in the show's run.

    • With James Best's absence, Jeff Altman was brought in as Temporary Sheriff at the last minute. However, this episode was originally filmed after (and meant to air after) Hughie's introductory episode, "Uncle Boss" (filmed second in the season, but for some reason wasn't aired until the third season). With the last minute character replacement, Hughie is in Sheriff uniform instead of his usual white suit, his VW is not seen (bar footage of him on his way to Hazzard, which is actually stock footage taken from "Uncle Boss"), and instead of being conniving and devious, he is a standard bumbling Sheriff, who bows down to Boss's command, refuses to stand up for himself, and is oblivious to Boss's latest racket. Watching the episode he is clearly a last minute replacement for Rosco and very out of his usual character.

    • Rosco is absent in this episode and several following ones due to James Best's boycott off the show when he became unhappy with changing room conditions. He claimed that he didn't mind Rosco's regular soakings, covered in mud, etc., (usually as a result of crashing his patrol car), but was unhappy with being hosed down afterwards without a sufficient changing room.

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