The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 6 Episode 6

Boss Behind Bars

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 1983 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Bo and Luke stop the Beaudrys in the beginning of the episode, Milo loses his hat when he puts Bo over his shoulder. But when Milo turns around in the next shot with Bo on his shoulder his hat is back on. Then when he throws Bo to the ground is hat is back on the ground again.

  • Quotes

    • Boss Hogg: (seeing his prison lunch) Bread and water?
      Rosco : That's right.
      Boss Hogg: That's cruel and unusual punishment! Ain't you heard it's unconstitutional?
      Rosco: Listen, don't you wave that bread at me! After all, that's all you gave me for prisoners' lunches!

    • Boss Hogg: (in jail after Beaudrys framed him) But I didn't do it, I tell you! I'm innocent! I was framed! (begins to cry) Now I know how them Dukes feel!

    • Roscoe Coltrane: (taking Boss's mugshot) All right Hogg, you will face forward with your fat little jowls with a pleasant expression. And you can say "grits!"
      Boss: I'll "grits" you, you knucklehead! You can't book me like this!
      Rosco: Then I'll shoot you without grits. (takes the shot)

    • Boss Hogg: (breaking out of jail after a wrongful arrest) I've gotta clear my name. If nobody'll help me, I've got to do it myself! (jumps into patrol car and takes off)
      Rosco : (trying unsuccessfully to stop Boss) Freeze!
      Enos: Who'd ever think Mr Hogg'd be a fugitive?
      Rosco: So you thought he was innocent, did ya dipstick? He's not only a jailbreaker, he's a car thief! (indicating other patrol car!)Get in that vehicle!

    • Bo: Luke, don't you think Uncle Jesse's a bit long in the tooth to be racing in them old shine cars?
      Luke: Well, you can be the one to tell him. I got more sense than that.

    • Sledge: You shouldn't have done that. You got me mad.
      Milo: Me too.
      Bo: Yeah, well, you almost wrecked us back there, Milo.
      Luke: You Beaudrys got a lot of dang gall showing up in Hazzard County. We ain't forgotten the last time.

    • Bo: We've been ridin' in the General together for so long we've even started thinkin' the same way.
      Luke: That ain't funny, Bo.

    • Bo (announcing over speakers): and Boss Hogg brings up the rear!
      Rosco: Aw, I knew it. There's too much flab in the cab!

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