The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 6 Episode 4

Brotherly Love

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 1983 on CBS

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  • Luke finds out his long lost (dead) brother is alive and on the run from gamblers.

    This is one of the best Duke episodes. It starts out at the Duke Farm where Judd Kane shows up. We find out that he is Luke's brother and that he is a fighter. He won a fight he was supposed to lose and he is on the run from gamblers. Luke makes a plan where he will drive Judd\'s car and they will chase him. It backfires when he is run off the road and hurt. In the hospital we see one of the best scenes of the series where Bo shows how much he cares for Luke. He cries while saying Luke Duke please wake up. They capture Judd and everyone goes to the rescue (including Luke who has a concussion). They catch up to them and they drive in the lake where Bo saves them all. Judd then leaves not running any more promises to write and not be a stranger. This is why I watch the show.
  • He's back!!!!!!

    Luke's baby brother, Jud, shows up on the doorstep. Jud was supposedly killed in a hospital fire but he tells the family that a nurse saved him. Luke first doesn't believe Jud until he tells him about a birth mark that they both have.Jud finally tells the family part the reason he showed up. There was some guy who was out to kill him. The get together and try to help Jud out. Their first plan was ruined when that guy ran Luke off the road and landed him in the hospital with a concussion. After awhile the family is relieved when Luke wakes up when Bo is talking to him. Jud stepped outside the hospital to get some air and the guy who was after him takes him in his car. When Bo comes out to get Jud he sees Jud being forced into the car. He tries to stop them but he couldn't. Everyone goes after them including Luke even though he was told to stay put. Jud and the guys who took him end up driving the car into the pond. Bo dives in and gets them out. Then Jud leaves after all these events.

    What I really liked about his episode was the excitement Luke had when he knew that Jud was his brother, when Bo is talking to Luke when Luke is in the hospital, and at the very end the episode when Luke tells Jud not to be a stranger.
  • best episode in the sixth season

    This is my favorite episode in the sixth season. Luke was almost killed. So when Luke is in the hospital you really get to see a different side of Bo. You get to see how much Bo really cares for Luke. When he is in the room with Luke, Bo starts off joking around that he will take Luke's date to the dance if he doesn't wake up. After that he starts asking Luke to wake up. After he says, "Luke Duke, would you wake up!" it looks like he wants to cry. I felt like I knew how Bo was felling. This is a great episode to watch.
  • Baby Brother...Back Again!

    I just watched this episode, and I loved it! The character development was fantastic, obviously Luke's...but, almost surprisingly, Bo's character had alot of developing time. His concern for Luke after his accident was nice to see. All in all, probably the best episode I'm seen thus far!
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