The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 3 Episode 2

Carnival of Thrills (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1980 on CBS
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After a fight between Bo and Luke breaks out, Bo leaves the farm for the carnival and prepares for the jump. But Luke, Daisy and Jesse are determined to stop him but they receive some shocking news about the carnival from an insurance investigator named Zimbra.

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  • Don't do it, Bo!

    This episode started right where the last one ended. Bo punched Luke and then they started to fight. The only way for the fight to stop was for Uncle Jesse to fire off his shotgun in the air. After the fight Bo left the farm and went to the fairgrounds. Luke gets arrested for the fight that had happened at the crusher when they were trying to save the General. Then Bo is arrested as well. Bo and Luke bicker in jail and then Carl comes and bails Bo out. Then Uncle Jesse and Daisy come and bail Luke out. They head over to the fairgrounds to try and talk some sense to Bo. When Bo is about to do a test jump one of the tires on the General pops. As Bo goes over to Diane, Uncle Jesse makes him and Luke make up. As Uncle Jesse, Daisy, and Luke are headed home a special agent is following them. When they pull over the agent told them that he thinks that the "accidents" were attempted murders. All four of them go to the garage that had the car that had crashed doing that jump and took a look at it. It's gas line had been cut. There had been three attempted murders and they realize that Bo could be the fourth. They all take off for the fairgrounds and catch Bo just as he's about to make that jump. Bo yells at Luke for delaying him in his jump and Luke tries to tell Bo all about what's going on, including the fact that Diane was involved with the other guys who tried to make the jump. Bo didn't believe him and Diane decided to come clean and told Bo the truth. When they all looked at the General's gas line it was cut too. When they all try to figure out who could've done it they realized that it was Carl because he was once the star of the show and couldn't stand to see himself be replaced. Carl tries to get away but Luke caught him and Rosco and Enos arrested him. Bo apologizes to Luke and they hug making everything okay between the two of them. Then Bo decides to make that jump after the gas line is fixed. Luke agrees to let him go but he's gotta be right next to him. Well, they make the 32 car jump. As the Carnival of Thrills was leaving Hazzard Bo and Diane talk one last time. Bo grew up a little and it wasn't without pain. Then he got to eat his victory dinner that Uncle Jesse had been saving for him. Great episode. My favorite from this season.moreless
Denver Pyle

Denver Pyle

Uncle Jesse Duke

John Schneider

John Schneider

Bo Duke

Tom Wopat

Tom Wopat

Luke Duke

Catherine Bach

Catherine Bach

Daisy Duke

James Best

James Best

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltraine

Sorrell Booke

Sorrell Booke

Jefferson Davis (J.D.)Hogg

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    • Uncle Jesse: There's no answer. What do I do?
      Luke: Hang it up. We gotta roll. You better let me drive. If we don't cut a few corners and bend a few speeding laws, we're liable to get there just in time for Bo's funeral.

    • Uncle Jesse: Bob Dexter didn't have no accident. That was...
      Zimbra: Attempted murder. That's the third time while somebody's tried to make that jump.
      Daisy: And if we don't make it back to Hazzard in exactly 90 minutes, Bo just might be the fourth.

    • Luke: All right. I'm gonna make this simple. Now remember what happened to the last guy who tried this 32-car jump?
      Bo: Sure, I remember it! Sure I do! I was there...
      Uncle Jesse: Bo!
      Luke: What you don't know is that there were two others before him. Now all three of them tried it and all three of them crashed because of some mechanical problem. Oh, yeah, and all three of them had something else in common too.
      Bo: What?
      Luke: Your lady friend.

    • Bo: Hey, listen, Luke. I'm sorry. I--
      Luke: It's all right.
      Bo: I just don't wanna fight with you anymore.
      Bo and Luke hug
      Luke: Don't worry about it. It's okay.

    • Luke: Now you've caught us. How can we help you?
      Uncle Jesse: Who are you and what do you want?.
      Zimbra: The name's John Zimbra. Special investigator. Southern Counties Insurance Company. We hold the liability policy on the carnival of thrills.
      Daisy: Then you're chasing after the wrong Dukes. It's our cousin Bo who's making that big jump.
      Zimbra: Does he know he's the fourth one to try it in the last three months?
      Luke: We all saw the last guy who tried it. It was pretty hairy accident.
      Zimbra: If it was an accident. All of the other drivers crashed while trying the same stunt.
      Uncle Jesse: Are you inferring what we think you are?
      Zimbra: My insurance company thinks it was attempted murder and whoever tried that before just might try it again.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Carnival of Thrills is one of the few episodes offering a suggestive scene -- where a bare-chested Bo and an apparently naked Diane kiss passionately. The way it's depicted, it's obvious that was just a warm-up. No love-making scenes are shown, however; this scene is simply a transition from one act to another.

    • Official feature-length and two-part versions of this story exist. After the opening credits at the start of the second part on the two-part version, there is a re-cap of the events of the first part.

    • Parts 1 and 2 were originally shown together as a two-hour special. In alot of guides you may see this listed as one episode but in reality, it shown as two parts in syndication so it is considered two parts here.