The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 5 Episode 22

Daisy's Shotgun Wedding

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 1983 on CBS

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  • Daisy really needs the boys!

    The boys are being really protective of Daisy and she can't stand it. Well, she loves the fact that her family is watching out for her but they need to know that she can handle herself in certain situations. However, this one she couldn't handle herself. When she can't take the protectiveness any longer she leaves the farm to stay with her friend. After getting settled in she soon realizes that she has to go back home. But on the way home the Beaudrys kidnap Daisy and try to force her to marry old Milo. The Dukes do everything in their power to find Daisy and get her back. Bo and Luke's friends come into town with ultralights and they borrow them to see if they can find Daisy from above. Sure enough, they did. After some fighting and yelling at the Beaudrys, the Dukes got Daisy back. Great episode. I loved to see the love between the three cousins and how protective Bo and Luke are of Daisy. It just warms me up inside.
  • Daisy's in BIG trouble

    In this episode Daisy leaves the farm, gets kidnapped, and is being forced to marry Milo Beaudry. This is another one of my favorite episodes. Bo and Luke are being over protective about their cousin. Daisy has had her fill of her cousins, and moves out of the farm. When Bo and Luke go looking for Daisy at a friends to try to get her to come home they learn she's on her way home anyway. When they find her jeep on the side of the road, and Daisy isn't there the two go off looking for her. I love seeing Bo and Luke not giving up until they find Daisy. These are the kind of episodes I like because I like seeing how much this family loves each other, and what they would do for each other.