The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 1 Episode 2

Daisy's Song

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the scenes at Starr's recording studio, the music track that Jojo is listening to, is actually one of the specifically-written tracks that was that was used as part of the score for several of the very early episodes. Additionally, when the Dukes and the "party girls" arrive at the climax of the story, the music track used to score the scene, would more commonly be used as background music in scenes in the Boar's Nest, in some first season episodes.

    • There are several noticeable cases of post-production dubbing in this episode, when various country performers are mentioned. This is noticeable in the scene with Jessi Colter's manager; when Daisy plays Starr the various recordings, and in the final scene. Presumably this was adjusted as the rights to the various snippets of accompanying music were secured. Judging by the manager's lips as he talks, it looks like when he says "Loretta Lynn", he originally said "Tammy Wynette".

    • There are several references to Waylon Jennings (The Balladeer) in this episode. When playing the bootleg recordings from Starr's Studio, Waylon Jennings is heard singing, and Daisy comments that she has all of his recordings. In the following scene, when Luke suggests sending Daisy in to trick Starr, Daisy jokes that she sounds more like Waylon Jennings than she does Jessi Colter! Other than the episode in which he finally appears in, the seventh season's "Welcome, Waylon Jennings", this is the only time Jennings is directly referenced in the series. There is also an in-joke near the beginning of the episode, when (the sound-alike of) Jessi Colter is heard on the radio. Jennings tells the viewer that that she's "...One of the world's best singers", though he's "...partial to June Carter" himself. Colter was Jennings's wife; June Carter was the wife of his good friend and frequent collaborator, Johnny Cash.

    • This episode marks one of the very few times in the entire series that Boss Hogg's Cadillac is seen with its roof up.

    • During the raid at Starr's record company, when the police car does a 180 turn in the road, check out the road surface - there are already skid marks from a previous take / practice run.

    • On the shot of the General Lee driving to Atlanta, when they pull up outside, and when Bo and Luke plan to confront Star again, the General Lee clearly has no roll bar (a set-up inside a race-car that adds extra support to the roof in the event the car rolls over and keeps the driver from being crushed). But when Daisy is sitting alone in the General waiting for her cousins, there's a roll bar clearly present.

  • Quotes

    • Bo: Luke, if you don't believe in this, then how come you're doing it?
      Luke: 'Cause facing a gorilla with two guns is easier than facing Jesse.

    • Bo: Maybe we can reason with Starr, if his trained ape wasn't around.
      Daisy: How do you plan to do that?
      Bo: What's the last thing he expects right now?
      Luke: A fat man in a red suit driving reindeer.
      Bo: No, us. We'll use Stonewall Jackson's old tactic: when they think you're running away, you attack.
      Luke: Stonewall Jackson had the Confederate Army. I got you.

    • Rosco: You boys are going to have to get out of the car.
      (Bo holds out a lit stick of dynamite)
      Bo: Can I take this with me?

    • Balladeer: If you're wondering why they always get into the car through the windows, the doors on a race car are welded shut, slick, ain't it?

    • Jessi Colter's Manager: Piracy costs singers millions of dollars.
      Daisy: Well they must, I only just got started and it just cost me $50.

    • Daisy: How'd you get to be so wise?
      Uncle Jesse: What are old men for?

    • Uncle Jesse: You think they took Daisy?
      Luke: They got her song, Jessi Colter got a hit, and Daisy got $50 less than she had.
      Uncle Jesse: That is took.

  • Notes

    • Although mentioned in the first episode (and seen on the opening credits), this is the first time in the series that Bo and Luke are seen using their crossbows.

    • During the raid on Starr's record factory, a door is opened and we see Boss Hogg with a woman on his lap. This is the only time in the series that it is suggested that Boss isn't loyal to wife Lulu. (Again, maybe something dropped as the show became family friendly)

    • The Balladeer mention why Bo and Luke Duke climb out of the General Lee's car door windows - the doors of a stock car are welded up.

    • Luke does his famous slide across the hood of the General Lee for the first time in this episode (in a shot used on the opening credits of all Bo and Luke episodes). The slide was actually improvised by Tom Wopat who meant to run across the hood but slipped on the slick surface and had to slide. In doing so, he cut his leg on the hood aerial - such aerials were removed on later versions of the General Lee to avoid risk of such injuries.

    • Ronnie Schell's most famous role is that of Corporal Duke Slater on Gomer Pyle, USMC.

    • In a very unusual move, the Duke boys use Luke's yellow car more than the General Lee in this episode.

    • Unusually, Bo wears a red shirt for much of this episode instead of his normal yellow / cream colour (which is seen as well later in the episode).

    • Cooter is seen to be a mechanic for the first time in this episode, though there is no suggestion yet that he owns a garage.

    • This is the only episode not to include the Duke boy's famous "Yee-haa" (or "Yaa-hoo") cry at the end of the opening credits.

    • The production crew made use of the early episodes being filmed in Georgia, as a portion of this episode is filmed in Atlanta.

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