The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 7 Episode 10

Danger on the Hazzard Express

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 1984 on CBS

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  • The General Lee, a train, explosives, and the Duke boys and Daisy. A bad combination find out why in this episode.

    Boss Hogg has decided that he is going to rob a train of a big gold shipment. He hires three bad guys. They device a way so that they can remote control a car. Daisy, Bo and Luke are driving back from a fishing trip and what do they run into the driverless car. It is damaged in the collision; it was run off the road. The crooks who think Bo and Luke will find the device shoot at them to scare them. The crooks call Boss Hogg and tell him about the trouble. Bo, Luke, and Daisy go into Hazzard and tell Boss and Roscoe about the car with no driver and that they were shot at, of course Boss Hogg being his true self doesn't believe them, even though as he has said many times before 'Dukes don't lie'. When Bo and Luke go back to find the car, the crooks then grab the General Lee thinking that it would be a good idea, it might help keep Bo and Luke from stopping them. Bo and Luke are really mad, not surprisingly, that their car is stolen. Uncle Jesse picks them up and they go to look for the General Lee in Daisy's Jeep. It is run off the road. It damages the CB in that car, which makes Bo and Luke not able to contact Uncle Jesse who at this point is very, very, very, worried. Bo and Luke are then captured by the crooks that call Boss Hogg and tell him, while he is at the Duke farm that he is going to kill the Dukes off. Uncle Jesse is listening to all this and he is very mad at Boss. Roscoe says it isn’t worth killing someone for 2 million dollars. Boss, Roscoe, and Uncle Jesse teamed together to go after the crooks. Bo and Luke then get untied and start fighting with the guys. Who end up shooting at them. Daisy comes and gets them in the pickup. They then chase back to the scene and are ran off the road and almost ran over by the now driverless General Lee. Daisy sprains her ankle and Luke runs after the crooks while Bo stays with her. Until he sees Boss, Roscoe and Uncle Jesse go off into the water he goes to rescue them. He then sees the General Lee stopped, because Luke is fighting with the crooks. He jumps in to get out the remote control. He tries to but it doesn't work. The General Lee is all this time running at high speed for a collision with a train. Luke at the very end manages to get to the controls of the remote. He takes control of the General Lee, which has Bo in it, and sails it over the train. Bo then takes out the remote. Boss throws the crooks in jail. The Dukes don't charge Boss with anything because he gives money to the orphanage. It was a great episode
  • The General Lee is alive!!!

    When Bo, Luke, and Daisy have a collision with a car, there is no driver. There are guys who set up a remote control to run the car. When the car crashes they steal the General Lee and hook up a remote control to it. Their plan is to have the General Lee run into a freight train. When the Dukes try to stop it trouble starts to happen. Bo and Luke get tied up when trying to stop them but they get away. Then the guys who are controlling the remote control have the General chase Bo, Luke, and Daisy, which results in Daisy getting a sprained ankle. Luke fights with the guys controlling the General Lee and then Bo hops into the General and tries to get rid of the remote control. One of the guys gets the General moving toward the train with Bo in it and Bo can't control it. Luckily, Luke hits the guy and the General flies right over the train. Great episode. Very exciting!