The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 1

Days of Shine and Roses

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The guitar that Waylon Jennings used in the opening introduction was an electric for seasons 2-7. It also showed Waylon Jennings playing and didn't have a head shot.

    • Remember that Jesse was caught by the FBI - it's mentioned later that he gave his word never to make moonshine again (when he makes mouthwash instead rather than go back on his word.) It's possible that the films were part of the evidence used against caught by hidden camera, and eventually when not needed anymore they made their way eventually to where they were found here.

    • If those film clips of "Glory Days" ridgerunners were supposed to be real, who would have taken them, and how?

      Editor's note: The revenue agent present at the reunion stated that the ATF had taken the film clips.

    • In the scene where Luke moves the "Detour" sign, he returns to the General Lee. It is obvious that he closes the door when he gets in! (Of course, the General Lee's doors are supposedly welded shut).

    • When Boss Hogg and Jesse are lined up and ready to race you can see the shadow is clearly in front of the cars. When it switches to the scene to where the to guys change the water to the shine the shadow is behind the cars. Then when Boss Hogg and Jesse come back out to the cars the shadow is in front of the cars.

  • Quotes

    • Boss: Rosco, next time you sabotage a car, make sure it's mine. That way it will run forever.

    • Luke: Take that shortcut over there.
      Bo: That don't look like much of a shortcut to me.
      Luke: It will be after you go there, won't it?
      Bo: You got a point there.

    • Luke: Cousin, you just started World War III.

    • Boss: I gotta get the rust outta these driving hands!
      Uncle Jesse: (whispering to Luke) That ain't rust, that's fat.

    • Bo: When do you figure we come back and get Rosco outta that mess?
      Luke: Oh, I don't know. Give me a week or two to think about it.

    • Luke: The next time this buggy leaves your sight it's gonna be from the starting line. Got that?
      Bo: My sight? Well, why my sight?
      Luke: 'Cause no matter what you say, it was you and your flapping jaw that got Jesse into this mess.

  • Notes

    • Pat Buttram should be familiar to TV fans as Mr. Haney on Green Acres. He should also be familiar to tv and movie fans as Gene Autry's sidekick.

    • This episode also completes the character change in Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, from embittered lawman who hates the Duke family, to Wile E. Coyote-type lawman.

    • From this season, a new closing theme tune and different footage behind the closing credits are used. The closing theme is revamped again at the start of the 4th season.

    • This episode includes a version of the opening credits that is a cross between the 1st season's and the 2nd. It is the only episode that this particular version was used on.

    • Sonny Shroyer (Enos) is added to the opening credits from this season.

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