The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 1 Episode 10

Deputy Dukes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 1979 on CBS

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  • The Dukes boys are taking care of some bussiness for Boss Hogg. Stella Parton guest stars.

    The Duke boys are in different cars with different women. They decide to go skinny-dipping, but the girls go and steal Bo and Lukes clothes, so they have to be careful.
    On the way back to the farm, Rosco stops them, and they are put in jail for indecent exposure. Meanwhile, Public Enemy Number One needs to go to the Hazzard jail so he can have his court date. Boss decides that instead of putting Rosco in that position, they should deputize Bo and Luke so that THEY can go get this guy.
    So, even though Uncle Jesse would throw a fit if he found out, they do it anyway, so that no bail needs to be payed.
    They go into the next county and pick up this guy, and the prisoners partners who didnt get put in jail follow. The female sherriff Price (played by Stella Parton)goes with them for safety measures.
    Later on, Uncle Jesse has found out about this, and at the same time, the REAL Sherriff Price is found in a car trunk blindfolded and gagged. So its up to Daisy and Uncle Jesse to warn Bo and Luke, especially since they dont know anything about the Sherriff Price in the car with them.
    This is a very good episode, and very funny. Anyone that gets the oppotunity needs to watch it.
  • As usual. A very fun episode of Dukes of Hazzard.

    This episode was great fun. But wait, aren't they always??

    In this episode Sheriff Rosco P. Coltraine makes Bo and Luke Duke into deputies. He wants them to transport a public enemy into the Hazzard County. There will be lots of fun and enjoyment on the way as there always is. But will the Dukes be able to carry out this task?? As usual Uncle Jessie and Daisy will help them out on their little trip. Overall as always there's plenty of laughs and fun on the way and is as lighthearted as it's always been. This is a very enjoyable episode.
  • After Rosco arrests Bo and Luke when they are duped into a compromising situation, Boss and Rosco deputise them, and send them out to Springville to bring Public Enemy #1 to Hazzard for trial. A fair story, but not a favourite with me as it is with some..

    This review contains moderate spoilers.

    As with "Limo One Is Missing" previously, I know that "Deputy Dukes" is a favourite with some 'Dukes' fans. Certainly, it's from the first season, with it's more varied plots and fresher feel, and it is a decent enough episode in itself, but for some reason I've never really taken to this episode as much as many seem to have done.

    The plot, of Bo and Luke being deputised, and sent off to Springville to bring back Public Enemy "1 through 10", Rocky Marlowe, to Hazzard for trial, is interesting, and certainly more varied than many of the show's later generic plots, but the episode never quite feels to fully hang together; in fact, it's almost like the show knew it was in for a lengthy run and was still finding it's footing with this one.

    Things start off with Bo and Luke, who have just won prize money (in some local competition or other), heading on down to a local lake with two beauties, who suggest they strip off for some skinny dipping, before promptly taking off with both the money, and the boys' clothes, leaving Bo and Luke to try and get back to Hazzard in the General in the nude! Naturally, moments later they go crashing into Rosco. Now I'm not exactly a prude, and this would be fun in some shows / movies, but for whatever reason, it didn't feel quite right in 'The Dukes of Hazzard'. This is only episode 10, but the show has already come a long way since it's slightly raunchier first couple of episodes, so this element of the story felt out of keeping with the series for me, and got the episode off to a shaky start.
    By the way, being a first season episode, the General Lee features much less than would soon become the norm – after featuring in the first couple of minutes, after the boys are arrested the General isn't seen for the rest of the episode.

    Anyway, Marlowe needs to be transported to Hazzard for trial – cue big idea from Boss to deputise the arrested Duke Boys and send them out to bring him in. Off they go, pursued all the way by Marlowe's henchmen, who are determined to break him free. An extra element of interest is "Officer Price" (played by Dolly Parton's sister Stella), whom we soon find out isn't who she claims to be. By the way, surely I'm not the only one to spot that Springville's Court House and town square is simply the Hazzard town square set lightly redressed and the streets muddied up a little!

    The plot of the episode is okay, if a little stretched out (though, as I say with so many early episodes, miles better than some of the childish stories we'd get late on in the show), but I think the big problem with this one for me, was Bo and Luke themselves. In most episodes, they use their "country smarts" to outwit the villains, but for much of "Deputy Dukes", they came across as very goofy. It's like, as soon as they were in Police uniform, they almost morphed into Rosco / Enos! I normally love Bo and Luke, but found them hard to warm to in this one, and felt they acted a bit out of character in places.

    The climatic showdown in the ghost town is reasonably good, but isn't enough to make the overall story really stand out in my book. By this point, much of the show's template was in place, with Rosco much goofier, and Boss too more comical (and notice how his voice has evolved since the first episode). Trivia notes: both Daisy and Uncle Jesse would also become Deputies themselves in separate stories later on, while Chief Lacey returns in the second season episode "The Ghost of General Lee".

    In-all... A thousand times better than many episodes from later in the shows run, but for various reasons, "Deputy Dukes" isn't the favourite with me that it is with some. It is watchable and has some good moments, and for that I give it a fair 8 out of 10. But considering most of my first season reviews are in the 9s and 10s, it maybe reflects that this is one of my lesser favourites of the season.
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