The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 1 Episode 13

Double Sting

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 11, 1979 on CBS

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  • Quarantined to the jail house with the boys, Boss, Rosco, and Enos; Uncle Jessy is worried he won't be able to make his mortgage payment on time.

    This episode is a good one, starts off pretty typical though. The boys test driving the General to get ready for some big race get side swiped by some bad driver (one of the bad guys) that comes outta nowhere. One difference is the episode opens up with a night scene. We don't usually see the General Lee with the lights on. Between the side swiping and the car driving after the jail break scene the General Lee really takes a bashing around in this episode.

    First time I have heard Cotter say "possum on a gumbush" and the first time Rosco adds "I love it, I love it" to his laugh in this episode. Even though the episode isn't to do with her directly this is a "Daisy" episode. Lots of her in this one, and in a skimpy outfit too. Not very much Boss Hogg in this one, all other characters have about normal parts.

    When we discover that Cooter is hiding in the trunk of the General once the bad guy has stolen it and makes his way back to the hide out I can only say that must have been one rough ride from the jail house to the hide out the way Bo was driving!!

    There hasn't been a episode yet that Luke doesn't razz Bo about his bad driving. Seems to be intentional to keep the viewers on their toes or just being real lazy, but the Dukes of Hazzard is filled with continuity errors. Little goof ups such as when the General is going for the big jump with Sheriff Emmitt "Hammerhand" Ragsdale on their tale you can see the camera mounted to the passenger side door of the General just as they hit the jump.

    As usual the episode ends with Boss getting nothing and Rosco not being able to arrest the Dukes. Except in this one we see the Dukes and Rosco laughing together at a joke made about Boss Hogg.

    I hope Enos wasn't to bummed out when Daisy mentioned Sheriff Emmitt "Hammerhand" Ragsdale was cute.