The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 7 Episode 3

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 1984 on CBS

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  • Luke has gone from good to bad to worse!

    Luke accidently drinks some pond water that had some chemicals in it that turns him into a person that is totally not him. He's harassing all the girls, bad mouths not only Uncle Jesse, Daisy, Boss, and Rosco but Bo too. Not only that but he can blow his whole probation by teaming up with a couple of crooks and rob Boss Hogg's bank. Bo, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse try to figure out what is wrong with Luke and they don't figure anything out until they go to the pond and find a glass cylinder that had the chemicals in it. They go to a laboratory to figure out what is wrong and then they race back to Hazzard to try and stop Luke from robbing that bank and blowing his probation. The crooks and Luke rob the bank and Boss and Rosco catch it on tape and Bo and Enos chase after Luke and the crooks to keep them from getting away. They catch up to them and Bo fights not only the crooks but Luke too. In the middle of the fight Luke is about to hit Bo when something happens that makes him stop. The chemicals have worn off and after about a minute he starts to wonder what is going on. He and Bo make up and then Luke apologizes to everyone he badmouthed while those chemicals were in his system. Great episode! However, I just saw this episode for the first time yesterday and I already love it!
  • Luke Duke rob a bank and pull a gun on Bo. Not Luke not in his right mind.

    Luke Duke while the General needs water gets some water that has bad chemicals in it and drinks it. It turns him into a real mean person. He badmouths Bo, Daisy, Uncle Jesse, The Duke Farm and the whole Hazzard police department. He hits on every woman he meets. He ends up leaving the Duke farm and buying the General Lee after criminals ask him to help them rob a bank. During the time before the bank robbery the rest of the Dukes find out about the chemicals. He is on his way to rob the bank followed by Jesse, Daisy, and Bo in Daisy's Jeep. They get a flat tire when Enos comes by Bo tells him of the plan to rob the bank. They head towards Hazzard to intercept before they rob the bank. They then see the criminals going the other way stop them. Enos holds them in his patrol car while Bo tries to stop Luke. Luke pulls a gun on Bo. Bo says you don't want to hurt me. Kicks away the gun from Luke and jumps on him. They fall down the hill where Luke continues to fight with Bo mostly one-sided. Luke is about to hit Bo when the chemicals wear off. He ends up making up with Bo and apologizing to everyone he bad-mouthed. This was a great episode because it was totally out of character for a Duke to act like that.
  • Unlike Luke to behave like this!

    Luke drinks some water with some drugs in it and
    He becomes a total jerk indeed. Badmouts not just Bo,
    Daisy, and Jesse but also Boss, Enos, and Roscoe. Breaks about every other law in Hazzard despite being on probation, harrass every other girl in the county, and maybe even winds up, helping some robbers rob a bank!