The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 7

Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 02, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The racetrack where Cale is testing his car resembles the one which was featured in the season three episode Carnival of Thrills. However in that episode it is in Hazzard County but here it is over the state line.

    • When Rosco has his road block set up towards the end of this episode there is a deputy standing next to him. Who is this mystery deputy as Hazzard County only has two officers Rosco and Enos?

      Editor's note: In a couple of episodes it was mentioned that Hazzard County had an auxiliary force of deputies who could be called out if needed.

    • This is the episode which features the world record jump over the river which is seen in the credits from series two onwards. This shot actually originates from the first season finale "Double Sting", and would be recycled several times during the course of the series.

    • For freeze framers, there is a very obvious goof in the scene where the General Lee jumps Boss' convertible. Bo, Luke and Cale Yarborough are in the car when they begin the jump. But slow down the video as the car is making the jump, and there is very clearly just one person in the car (a man wearing a yellow helmet).

  • Quotes

    • Luke: Bo, get on the horn and get a hold of Jesse and Daisy and have them meet us at Cooter's. All right, then I'll explain the whole thing there.
      Bo: You don't have to explain it to me. Believe it or not, for once I'm right ahead of you.
      Cale: Hey, when all this is over, I'm gonna adopt you two.
      Luke: That might not be a very good idea. (Pointing to Bo). He'll eat you out of house and home.

  • Notes

    • Cale Yarborough would make a second appearance on the show in the Season 7 episode, Cale Yarborough Comes to Hazzard.

    • This episode is memorable for having three General Lees (the "real" one and two painted to look like it) as the Dukes outwit Boss and the Jethro brothers.

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