The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 18

Find Loretta Lynn

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 1980 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • At the begining of this episode, Bo and Luke drive Daisy to the Boar's Nest in the General Lee. Later, they use her car to chase the tour bus. How did Daisy's car get there?

    • There is a funny situation in this episode where the kidnappers connected two police cars with a chain. In one shot the cable is connected below the bumper, and in the other shot the cable is connected to the bumper of what seems to be Enos' police car. It seems the cars bumper did not hold the chain more than 1 pull, like Rosco and Enos did. When you see the close up destroying the 2 cars, the chain is again on the bumper.

  • Quotes

    • Bo: Luke, when Daisy sees this car she ain't only gonna blacken my eye but I think she's gonna pull out all my teeth.
      Luke: And gums.

    • Luke: They gotta be on this road. Bo, you better keep both eyes peeled 'cause I only got partial use of this one.
      Bo: Yeah, well, if I put any dings in Daisy's car I might not be so lucky.

    • Bo: What happened to you?
      Luke: I ran into those three that sideswiped us this morning. Last thing I remember was taking a swing at this big one. He's about the size of a Mack truck.
      Bo: What'd you hit him with, your eye?
      Luke: Oh, I hope I hurt his hand with my face.

  • Notes

    • As a result of the production order of the episodes being shuffled for broadcast, Daisy's yellow Plymouth Roadrunner/Satellite that exploded after going off a cliff in The Runaway (Season 2, Episode 14) is present in this episode.

    • Due to the production order of the episodes being shuffled for broadcast, both James Best (Rosco) and Ben Jones (Cooter) are present in this episode.

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