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Are Boss Hogg & Rosco the best Laurel & Hardy copies ever on TV?

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    I got some classic movie DVDs from the big comedy groups over Christmas - Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, and the 3 Stooges. Ididn't care quite as much for the stooges - just thought there physical comedy was too much with all the poking and slapping and stuff. Abbott and Costello had been my favorite because of my tapes with Who's On First and other radio skits. But, watching Laurel and hardy, I was amazed.

    Now, I last saw Laurel and Hardy when I was a kid some 25-30 years earlier. I hadn't been as impressed by them then becasue I wasn't into the slapstick stuff as much, I preferred humor where you had to think - like Who's On First. But, with DOH, while at first I followed it for the cars and chases and stuff, I've learned in the last few years to really appreciate the work of Sorrell and Jaames as Boss Hogg and Rosco. And, I really found myself enjoying the Laurel and Hardy movies ("Air Raid Wardens" and "Nothing But Trouble.") I saw what people meant when they compared Boss and Rosco to those two. (Admittedly, the bits I saw of them when I was a kid could have been earlier ones before they refined things and when it was more slapstick, more hitting and stuff, which I never liked.)

    So, what does anyone else think about the comparison? Have you seen better? I haven't seen a whole lot of TV shows otherwise; I know on "Hogan's Heroes" one can point to Klink and Burkhalter (and Klink and Schultz if you reverse the fat/skinny one). But, who knows, there might be others who are even better copies of Laurel and Hardy. Or, maybe you even think Boss Hogg and Rosco are better than the classic duo. :-) What other good Laurel and Hardy-type duos have you seen on TV?

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