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Catherine Fraud!!!!!

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    Hey guys, if you have Catherine on your myspace, keep watch! There is someone on her page that has been pretending to be her. I cant tell you everything I know because we're still working on getting word to Catherine, and still working on exposing him.

    However, you CAN help myself and the other girls working on this with me out. If you have received a message or comment from Catherine on myspace, then send it to us at PLEASE it is important that we weed out which ones are him and which ones are really Catherine. We will inform you if you have been taken by the fraud or if Catherine has actually sent you a message.

    ALSO please do NOT ask Catherine about this through myspace or email. Chances are, he might get to it first and delete it, and make sure Catherine never sees this. Currently, we are working on a letter to Catherine, and we have an idea on how to make sure she is the only one that gets it. Also, we are going to contact her manager, so if any of ya'll know how to touch base with him, please let us know.

    We know who the fraud is. But we would rather not say anything until we are sure that Catherine has been alerted, and that we have a rough estimate of how many people have been misled.

    Please ya'll. By all means help us catch this guy. Help us make sure that he never does this ever again. I want him to know what its like when a persons very loyal fan base gangs up on him. This guy has computer smarts... but he doesnt have street smarts. He's one of those people that grew up being snotty rich kids (no offense to anybody on here that might be rich) and got exactly what he wanted without having to work for any of it (once again, no offense to anybody else like that.).

    ALSO he has been giving out false information like free donuts at church. Or samples at Sams or Wal-Mart. Lets just say on that note that he pretty much told me and a couple other people that Catherine was working on something that sounds like it came straight out of the Dukes reunion #1. And before that he found out one of my favorite singers is Dolly Parton and managed to use THAT knowledge against me as well to make up something that would get ME excited, and think i was in on a big secret.

    SO help us out!!! If you want this guy to be brought down like I do, then please send us your messages and comments if you have any, and if you can, please help us to contact anybody that could reach Catherine without this guys interference. Manager, Agent, husband... stuff like that. Yeah, if anyone here knows how to contact her husband (Entertainment Lawyer Peter Lopez) then please by all means do tell us. He could prove to be VERY useful.



     P.S. If you can alert everyone you know thats a Dukes fan that would help too!!!

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    That is just mean. People shouldn't be able to do that. I've heard a lot about people hacking into other people's myspace and completely changing profiles. I hope you find the person and I'll do what I can to help.
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