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CMT Continues To Skip Season 5 (Coy & Vance Season) Of The Dukes Of Hazzard

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    I know how obvious that this show is in constant reruns but I think CMT made a mistake. CMT continues to skip season 5 of The Dukes Of Hazzard and instead is airing seasons 6 and 7. I hope CMT realizes this and decides to air season 5 sometime because those episodes are paired up with the first three episodes featuring Bo & Luke's return after Coy & Vance replaced them for eighteen episodes. (19 if you count "Welcome Back, Bo N' Luke"

    Notice: I just checked the tv schedule at and this is now the second time "Lulu's Gone Away" is listed instead of "The New Dukes" after the Season 4 Finale "Dukes In Danger" comes on.

    Can anyone tell me why the Season 5 episodes are being passed over?

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    Because Coy and Vance sucked?
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