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CBS (ended 1985)

Which episode is this?

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    [1]Dec 23, 2006
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    I caught this one on CMT last night, only about the second half though. There were these twin women, Sandy and Cindy, and one was with Bo in Hazzard County, and the other was in another town stealing jewelry. Nobody knew they were twins, and Luke got the one with Bo arrested, and Bo went to try and get a lawyer to get her out. But Boss Hogg let her go so he and Roscoe could follow her to get the jewels, and while they chased her, Luke chased them in Uncle Jesse's truck, and Uncle Jesse and Daisy were in Dixie trying to find Bo. Roscoe crashed the patrol car and they lost the girl, but Luke found both of them and a man they were working with conked him over the head with a crate, and they put him in his truck and sent it for a fatal last ride But Bo caught up with him, jumped in the truck, and stopped it, and they and Daisy and Uncle Jesse went chasing after the twins, and caught them when they crashed into a hay bale.

    Now, can somebody tell me what the name of this episode is?
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    That was a good episode. The name of it was "Twin Trouble" from Season 6.
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