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You know your a Dukes fanatic when...

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    You know you are a Dukes fan when you can imitate each cast member singing the theme song perfectly!
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    you know you're a dukes fanatic when:

    1) you own all the seasons and you know all the lines off by heart

    2) you beg your parents to buy you the reunion movies for you because you're broke

    3) you have a dukes of Hazzard themed birthday every year and ask only for dukes related presents

    4) you dream of them every night, and wish they were real (and you start believing it)

    5) the most listened song on your ipod is the dukes of Hazzard theme tune

    6) you spend lunchtime at school researching all the episodes of dukes instead of doing homework

    7) you wear short shorts all the time even in winter

    you have the soundtrack on repeat on your ipod

    9)you own all the dukes of Hazzard merchandise including the remote control general lee and all the figurines.

    10) you are wondering why you are reading this and not watching an episode of the dukes (im wondering why im doing this and not watching!)

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