The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 7 Episode 8

Go West, Young Dukes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1984 on CBS

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  • This is a flashback episode which follows Bo, Luke and Daisy's great-parents in the 1800's in hope to save the family farm.

    This episode starts out with Boss Hogg receiving his inheritance from his grandfather. He finds out that he know owns the deed to the Duke farm. Boss heads out to show the Dukes. After having the signature verified, he tells the Dukes they have 24 hours to move out. As they’re family packs up, Jesse finds Daisy's great-great-great-grandmother's diary. He checks it out and finds out that his great-uncle Jeremiah Duke had some problems with Thaddeus Hogg (Boss's great-grandfather) and Rufus Coltrane (Rosco's great-grandfather) and called his nephews, Hank and Joe Duke (Luke and Bo's great-grandfather). Thaddeus was upset that the Dukes were farming and running the cattle folk off the land. So the sheriff hires Frank and Jesse James to get rid of the incoming Dukes. They fail and after coming to town, Hank is thrown in jail for horse thieving. Jeremiah signs over his land to save Hank from going to jail. After finding out that Frank and Jesse robbed Thaddeus’s safe, the Dukes help get the money back and Thaddeus signs that land back over since the Dukes saved him from the James brothers. Jesse reads the riddle and between him, Bo and Luke they figure out where the copy of the new deed is. They find it at the cemetery. They race the deed off to get it registered and keep the farm.
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