The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 4 Episode 11

Goodbye, General Lee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 1981 on CBS

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  • Luke badmouthed the General Lee?

    When Bo and Luke qualify for a car jumping contest sponsored by Boss Hogg, Boss starts to realize that he won't be able to win that contest and the prize money at all, even with the two professional drivers he hired to race for him. But as Bo and Luke are checking over the General after they qualify Luke gets hit in the head and Boss hires someone to hypnotize Luke into thinking that the General is a piece of junk. The next time the General broke down Luke was saying how it was time to get rid of the General Lee. That caused a little fight between him and Bo. Bo didn't want to get rid of the General. When Bo and Luke have a contest and Luke wins Bo has no choice but to do as Luke says and get rid of the General. After Bo and Luke sell the General it is almost driven off a cliff. Thankfully, Cooter saves it. As Bo, Luke, and Uncle Jesse are talking Uncle Jesse snaps his fingers and Luke is no longer hypnotized. He starts to wonder why everyone is saying that he badmouthed the General. Bo and Luke take off after the two guys that Boss hired to race and catch them. There's dynamite in the front seat of the General and Luke gets it out of there just in time before the dynamite exploded. Not only did they save the General but they also won that car jumping contest too. They finally asked Boss what was going on and the Dukes got the scoop on how Boss hypnotized Luke. The Dukes got the General back and things went back to normal in Hazzard County. This was a great episode. One of the best.
  • Luke bad mouth the General Lee and then sell it not in this lifetime. But it happened find out why in this episode.

    Luke is slightly injured after the race the Drag and fly where you race your car down a track and try to be the one to fly it the farthest. He is hypnotized by Boss (who wants to win the race and thinks getting rid of the General Lee is the only way) to get rid of the General Lee. When it breaks down he decides it is time to sell it. Bo isn't happy not surprisingly. They shot arrows at a target and Luke wins and sells the General. They get a yellow car. Which Luke wants to paint orange and call it the General Lee II. This suprises Bo and the rest of the Dukes. Boss doesn't want to keep the General Lee he wants to destroy it. First Roscoe tries, by running it off a cliff, and Cooter saves it. After Bo and Luke return the General to Hobie, Luke is then saying how he didn't want to hurt it just thought it would be better for the General not to be owned by them. Uncle Jesse snaps and fingers and Luke is back to normal. Saves the General Lee runs it in the race and wins. Boss is mad and he loses yes! This was a very good episode.
  • Luke Duke sell the General Lee? You’re about 12 donuts off of a dozen. But, it’s true. What would make Luke sell his prize possession? Boss has Luke hypnotized and everything goes awry.

    While entering the “Drag ’n’ fly,” Luke is slightly injured but the worst injury comes after he’s out of the hospital. Boss had Luke hypnotized to sell the General at the first sign of him breaking down. Just as Boss anticipated, he does intend, but Bo has another idea. But, untimely, Luke wins the dispute and General is sold. But Boss don’t want to collect General, his retirement home will be at the bottom of the gorge. Not if Jesse, Daisy, Bo and Cooter and help it. But first, to reset Luke’s hypnotic state.