The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 10

Granny Annie

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 1979 on CBS



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    • When the boys leave Granny Annie's, Bo is driving. When they get to the Boar's Nest, Luke is driving.

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    • The Oak Ridge Boys become the first victims of Rosco's "celebrity speed trap" in this episode. This gimmick would be used in numerous episodes in the second, third, and fourth seasons whereby various country music artists would appear on the show and sing a song at the end of the episode. Perhaps the scripts ran short and they needed something to fill up the extra minutes.

    • This episode marks one of the first times we see an emotional Rosco. In one of the scenes building to the show's climax, the Dukes have swiped the engraving plates from Big Jim Downey (a big-time counterfeiter to whom Boss has sold the plates). Downey, after he discovers the plates missing, believes Hogg is responsible and has swindled him out of $50,000; Downey and his henchman return to the Boar's Nest to kidnap Boss. Rosco (who is unable to contact Enos) does manage to contact the Duke boys, just before they throw the engraving plates into a lake, and through tears and fearing the worst, begs Bo and Luke to save Boss' life. The scene showed viewers Rosco truly has emotions and cares for his friend Boss.

    • With his (temporary) walk-out from the show, Ben Jones is removed from the opening credits. An extra shot, of one of the Police patrol cars crashing into the side of a hill, is added earlier in the opening credits to fill the missing time from his removal of his credit.

    • Mickey Jones appearring as Cooter's cousin B.B. is a result of Ben Jones' boycott off the show when the producers told him to save off his beard.

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