The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 7 Episode 1

Happy Birthday, General Lee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 21, 1984 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • If this is 8 years in the past --the episode aired in 1984 -- the events took place in 1976. They say that Bo was fresh out of high school making him 18 and thus born in 1958. But John Schneider was in fact 19 when the show started in 1979; thus born in 1960. Bo's age is off by 2 years! Also, what is so special about 8 years? It would make sense to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the car. That would make it 1974. If Luke was in the Marines at that time, then he probably would have been deployed in the Vietnam War. Whereas by 1976, the Vietnam war was over.

    • This flashback features some ties to early episodes, such as Uncle Jesse's trilby hat (which he wore in some first season episodes), and Rosco's black Sheriff's jacket (which he wore in many first and some second and third season episodes). Of course, there are also some differences - it is the regular Hazzard set as opposed to the real Georgia town used to film the first five episodes, and Cooter is clean shaven, not the bearded wild man of early episodes.

    • The 01 on the General Lee is created by Bo saying "O represents when we had nothing and 1 is what we will be for now on"

    • In this episode we find out they have had the General for 8 years (1 year prior to the beginning of the show). We also find out that the original color was black and it was painted orange because that was the only color Cooter had.

  • Quotes

    • Uncle Jesse: How'd your first day go over to the Boar's Nest?
      Daisy: Oh, not so good, Uncle Jesse. I mixed up orders, and then I managed to spill a whole tray on Boss Hogg.
      Uncle Jesse: Well, that ain't so bad.
      Bo: Sounds to me like you did just fine.

    • Rosco: We're gonna impound this General Lee.
      Luke: You have to catch us first.

    • Cooter: You know, there ain't a soul in Hazzard County, including Boss Hogg, that hasn't been bailed out one time or another by the ol' General.
      Daisy: It's hard to believe we were ever without him.
      Bo: Yeah, but we were, though. It's been, gosh! It's been eight years.
      Luke: I was just outta the Marine Corps. You were just getting outta high school.

  • Notes

    • Leading into the flashback story, Luke comments that, eight years ago, Bo was just out of high-school, and that he (Luke) had began serving with the Marines. This is possibly the only instance in the entire series to reference the age difference between Bo and Luke, with Luke being a year or so older than Bo.

    • Janie Fricke is a country music singer who had several hit songs in the 1980's including Down to My Last Broken Heart and Come a Little Bit Closer- a duet with Johnny Duncan.

    • Enos does not appear in this episode because 8 years prior Boss, as County Commissioner, only coughed up enough money to hire one law enforcement official--Roscoe.

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