The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 1 Episode 5

High Octane

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where the Dukes take Roxanne to the Boar's Nest, Bo is seen wearing a blue shirt, the only time in the entire series that he is seen doing so. Luke also wears a different shirt to usual in this scene, consisting of very small blue and white checks.

    • Jesse's truck in this episode is an old 50's Ford "Stepside" pickup. The only episode you see this truck.

    • On the first scene when they parked the General Lee in town, one of the 'flip up' headlights was stuck open, exposing the two headlights.

  • Quotes

    • Uncle Jesse: Your evidence is gone with the wind, ma'am.
      Bo: Now that's catchy.

    • Bo: Think we oughta give her mouth-to-mouth recreation?
      Luke: You mean resuscitation?
      Bo: Oh, maybe, but, uh, I bet I'm a whole lot closer to the truth than you are.

  • Notes

    • When Jesse and the boys go to the probation office, we find out that the full names of Bo and Luke are Beauregard and Lucas Duke.

    • Perhaps the biggest noticable difference between the episodes filmed in Georgia and the ones filmed in Hollywood are that there are a lot more paved roads in Hazzard County in the Georgia episodes. Once the series moved to Hollywood, it seemed like only dirt roads existed in Hazzard County outside the town square.

    • The Federal agent has her office in the same building where all the other Hazzard County offices are located. This would change once production of the series re-located to Hollywood.

    • A lot of corn farmers probably wish Uncle Jesse's idea of an 100% ethanol run car would have taken off!

    • Luke is seen driving the General Lee for the first time in this episode (as ownership of the car gradually was changed to being more evenly owned by both Bo and Luke).

    • This was the last episode filmed in Covington.

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