The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 19

Jude Emery

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 1980 on CBS



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    • Bo: Luke, do you reckon the General's back bumper is gonna stay on?
      Luke: I don't know. It seems that we've picked up a new ra...rattle. ( Luke sees the rattlesnake at Bo's feet). Now, Bo, don't move. Just listen to me. Look down by the brake pedal. (Bo looks down, sees the snake, and then he looks back to the road and starts breathing heavily). Now don't move!
      Bo: Uh, I ain't gonna move, but I'm fixing to make a new door here.
      Luke: That's the test. If he keeps bumping and jarring us like that, it's bound to rattle that snake, and he's gonna strike.

    • Jude: What's going on?
      Luke: We got a rattlesnake up here in the front.
      Jude: Well, don't let him back here. There ain't room.
      Bo: Luke, you're thinking, ain't ya?
      Luke: Oh, yeah...they like mice.
      Bo: Well, do you have one on ya?
      Jude: There ain't room for a mouse either.
      Bo: Well, think faster.
      [Luke starts taking off his jacket.]
      Luke: Okay, I got it. Just don't move.
      Bo: Be careful.
      Luke: Don't move, Cuz. Just keep her steady now. Don't let Patch hit us no more.
      Bo: I won't.
      Luke: Okay. Stay real steady, Cousin. I don't wanna lose you now.

    • Boss: Sgt. Jude Emery...Texas Ranger.
      Bo: Congratulations, Sheriff. You just arrested the fuzz.

  • Notes

    • This episode is the first of two second season stories designed as a backdoor pilot - tests for possible other shows; in this case, one that would be based around Texas Ranger "Jude Emery" of the episode title. The other such case would be "Mason Dixon's Girls" broadcast in two episodes time. Neither of these concepts was developed beyond their initial backdoor pilots.

    • Ben Davidson was a former defensive lineman with the Oakland Raiders who later became a Hollywood stuntman.

    • The late Sam Melville would return in The Great Hazzard Hijack and Happy Birthday, General Lee.

    • This is the last episode creator Gy Waldron wrote for the series, until the reunion movies.

    • This episode has the second, final appearance of Sheriff Grady Byrd (Dick Sargent), the longest serving of replacement Sheriffs in Rosco's absence.

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