The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 1 Episode 9

Limo One is Missing

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • One of the agents said they were watching the limo from the Men's Room at the Boars Nest. We never see any restrooms from the Boars Nest or any place in Hazzard.

    • Unusually, for this episode, Boss Hogg's chauffeur is a much older man, wearing a chauffeur's suit. Normally, it would be a younger man seen in a checked red shirt and cowboy hat.

    • During the chase near the beginning where Bo and Luke are chasing the stolen Limo and themselves being pursued, Bo jumps the General (a shot that would be used on the opening credits from the next season onwards); when they land, the shots of Bo and Luke are recycled from the pilot, "One Armed Bandits" – notice that Bo is suddenly wearing a brown t-shirt instead of his regular blue one.

    • During the fight scene at the end of the episode,Bo and Luke fire their arrows which explode but they didn't light the fuse on the dynamite.

    • You can clearly see that when Cooter is driving the limo it isn't hotwired, it has the key in the ignition.

    • In the first part of the episode when the General Lee is being chased by the secret service, the Dukes make a jump and then drive into what looks like a ditch. The "01" on the side of the car is reversed.

  • Quotes

    • Uncle Jesse: Well, this just ain't my day. I just get rid of one fool and three more come tearing in.

    • Boss: Rosco when they were handing out the smarts, you must have been hiding and didn't get any.

    • Cooter: One look at that car and it was L-U-V!

    • Bo: You know what? I think Rosco done scared away my hiccups.

    • Luke (about Bo's hiccups): I still think what you need is a good scare, and the best way to do that is to eat the food here.
      Bo: Well, how do you think I got the hiccups in the first place?

    • Bo: We'll be okay, unless we have to stop for gas, again! There wasn't much more'n a gallon in that gas can.
      Luke: In a one-gallon gas can. No Kidding.
      Bo: I cannot believe I just said that.

  • Notes

    • Cooter commits one final, ultimate 'naughty' deed before the character is toned right down, when he borrows the President's car for a ride!

    • Gordon Hurst, who plays the gate guard, is the brother of Rick Hurst, who would make his first appearance in the next produced episode, Money To Burn, as Cletus Hogg.

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