The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 1 Episode 7

Luke's Love Story

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This is the first episode where the 'Rhuebottom General Store' can be seen in the background; Mr. Rhuebottom would be seen, as a recurring character, from the fourth season onwards, played by John Wheeler.

    • After Cooter (Ben Jones) crashes into the Boar's Nest near the beginning of the episode, someone places a mug of beer in front of him and he smiles. Despite being a regular at the Boar's Nest, this is the only time in the entire show's run that Cooter is seen with beer - Jones was a recovered alcoholic, and requested that Cooter stuck to soft drink in future.

    • The race was obviously filmed out of continuity or with multiple Generals as the body damage changes from shot to shot.

    • There were many continuity errors in the "Oil Fight" scene were the fella's were kept going between more and less coevered in oil in various cuts.

  • Quotes

    • Cooter: Rosco is gonna sell my truck to pay off my tickets. Or if not he's gonna put me under the jail.

    • Bo: Why don't you use some of that fancy stuff they taught you in the Marines?
      Luke: That's what he just used on me.

    • (Cooter plows the front door down and knocks over a couple of tables with a motorcycle)
      Rosco: Give me that. Where've you been?
      Cooter: I just wanted to make a big entrance beside I had to get that off of Boss Hogg's mantelpiece.
      Rosco: Well you get that messy piece of junk outta here before it starts dripping oil all over the place.
      Cooter: Ooooh, dont worry bout it Rosco, it's housebroken.

    • Rosco: By any chance do these citations look familiar to ya?
      Cooter: Ya...ya, I got a set jist like these on my truck.
      Rosco: These are them!
      Cooter: Oh...
      Rosco: You have been cited for every from reckless driving to stampeding Herschel Ferguson's turkey's over that cliff.
      Cooter: Now, Rosco, turkey's got wings. Now, I always thought they could fly.

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode to suggest that Bo and Luke jointly own the General Lee, as Bo wagers the General and wonders how he will break the news to Luke. In the very first episodes, it was suggested that the General belonged solely to Bo.

    • In a real rarity, the in-episode credits for this episode are in white, not the standard yellow. The only other episode where this is the case is the previous broadcast one, "Swamp Molly".

    • Daisy is unusually generous with "beers on the house" at the Boar's Nest in this episode.

    • Roz Kelly played another female race driver in an episode of Happy Days entitled Fonzie Loves Pinkie.

    • Bo mentions during the fight in the Boar's Nest early in this episode that Luke served in the Marines.

    • Cooter shows that his 'bad streak' of the early episodes hasn't quite worn away just yet in this episode, when he comes crashing into the Boar's Nest on a "borrowed" motorbike, and it's suggested that he maybe broke into Boss Hogg's house to get a trophy!

    • Although the previous epiosde, Swamp Molly, was the first filmed on the Warner Brother's lot to be broadcast, this episode was the first to be actually filmed there.

  • Allusions

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