The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 6 Episode 1

Lulu's Gone Away

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1983 on CBS

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  • The Dukes are mad The Boss is sad. Find out why in this episode.

    Boss and Lulu are at odds after her car breaks down and she doesn't get a greenhouse Boss promised. When she is driving to the Boar's Nest in the General after her car dies. She jumps over a roof and drives faster then Bo and Luke. She leaves Boss and moves in with the Dukes, where she is promptly kidnapped by three mean people. They hold her for a 200k ransom. Boss delivers it to the point where he is to get Lulu back and Roscoe shows up and spoils it. They Dukes get the license plate and find out what it looks like. Roscoe find a trailer that is like the one described but is thrown out of it by a mean looking guy who is with his wife. Bo finds the right one tells Uncle Jesse and Luke. Goes down and looks in gets knocked out and almost killed when he is sent down a hill in the trailer. Luke rescues him with Jesse's pickup. Bo and Luke chase the crooks. Get Lulu back. Boss is so happy he gives them the satchel the money was in.
  • Lulu has been kidnapped!

    After a fight with Boss Hogg, Lulu leaves the house and stays with the Dukes. One afternoon when no one is at the farm but Lulu she gets kidnapped by some people. The Dukes first figure that she went back home to Boss until they find a tape recorder that recorded everything that was said as Lulu was being kidnapped. The kidnappers called Boss and said that they want money for the safe return of Lulu. The Dukes go and help Boss even though he doesn't want their help. They all split up and Bo finds the trailer that Lulu is kept in but then he gets knocked out by one of the kidnappers. Luke starts to worry and he and Uncle Jesse go to where Bo left the General but the kidnappers were nowhere around. Then the trailer starts to move on its own and Luke takes off in the pickup to get it. He stops it and finds Bo tied up on the floor. After getting everyone settled and they all get together to think of a plan Bo and Luke take off after the kidnappers. They catch them and then chase them through an amusement park. After catching the kidnappers Lulu is returned to Boss and everything goes back to normal...well, as normal as things get in Hazzard.